WXRT Radio, Chicago, August 1984

Interview Excerpts

Lindsey Buckingham (1984)

It starts with "Go Insane" playing in the background. The interviewer, Tom Marker, talks about how great it is for a deejay to get to interview someone like Lindsey Buckingham: "..interesting, intelligent, well-mannered, well-spoken...We had a chance to catch up with him in August 1984, when he was in town to promote his new album 'Go Insane", as well as catch a little day baseball at Wrigley Field."

Lindsey talked about the album. "Go Insane was a very high-tech album" and about trying to balance the high-tech with the high-touch(human contact) "...one of the things I think we succeeded on with this album was in balancing the high-tech and the high-touch. A lot of the present, avant-garde pop doesn't manage to do that."

Lindsey said "working with a group on a record is a bit like making a movie - it's very political, it's very verbal and conscious, the way you have to get from Point A to B. On the other hand, working on your own, the way I've done with playing almost all the instruments and all that, is more like painting...taking a blank canvas, throwing paint around - the work starts to lead you around - instead of you imposing your will on it. It's very subconscious and intuitive. I consider myself a colorist - it's like working with colors."

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