Surround Professional, March 6, 2003

DMT Rentals Provides Digital Support for Fleetwood Mac

Posted March 5, 2003 by Savona

When multi-platinum mixer/engineer Mark Needham and Fleetwood Mac co-founder and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham decided to mix Fleetwood Mac’s new album, they relied on DMT Rentals customized digital converters and recorders. Among the gear supplied for the legendary band was the DMT 192 kHz Ultimate Mastering Machines for the stereo mixes and the DMT 5.1 DVD-Audio Gold Recording System for their 5.1 versions.

The project initially began as a solo recording for Buckingham in his Bel Air home studio with engineer Ray Lindsey and eventually morphed into a Fleetwood Mac album. They also tracked at Ocean Way Studios with Allen Sides, and the long-awaited album is now scheduled for release in Spring 2003 on Reprise/Warner Bros. Records. Needham was brought in to mix the project at L.A.’s Cornerstone Studios in stereo and 5.1 with Buckingham handling the production chores.

With 112 tracks of Pro Tools, a Sony 3348, and a Studer 24-track analog machine, Needham explains the factors that influenced his decision to use DMT’s customized converters. “Because of the extreme VSO speeds on the Sony 3348, some of the songs had to be transferred analog into Pro Tools. The use of DMT’s customized Lavry Engineering (formerly known as dB Technologies) M.DA824 A/Ds and D/As on playback kept the sound warm, but with clarity on the top which made my job easier. I also used DMT’s customized Lavry Engineering converters to a Z System comp, then to the DMT Gold DVD-Audio 5.1 Recording system, which is Lavry Engineering AD122 96 MK.II 24-bit/96 kHz A/D converters and two Genex GX8500 24-bit/192 kHz optical disc recorders for the 5.1 mixes.” Needham concludes, “Because of these VSO situations, it made locking clocks and timecode difficult at best, but all of these were addressed by my staff interfacing with DMT and resolving the problems very quickly allowing me to focus on the mixes. The folks at DMT were incredibly helpful throughout the whole project.”

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