San Francisco Chronicle Datebook, March 15-21, 1998

** (Two Stars) VARIOUS ARTISTS, Legacy:A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours," Lava, Atlantic, $16.98
Given the ADULATION (my emphasis) lavished on the reunited Fleetwood Mac last year, it was inevitable that someone would compile a tribute record. This one, out Tuesday, focuses on a single album, the Mac's 1977 blockbuster. Elton John is the heavyweight here, submitting the ruling-class anthem "Don't Stop." Duncan Sheik wallows in bathos on "Songbird," Jewel unspools the melodic discipline of "You Make Loving Fun" and Matchbox 20's dark version of "Never Going Back" is moderately intriguing. But too many other participants--Tonic, Shawn Colvin--sound uninspired. That's a bad quality when you're paying tribute.
--James Sullivan

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