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Stevie Nicks ended her lively bachelorettehood on January 29th, when she married former Warner Bros. promotion man Kim Anderson on the beach outside her Pacific Palisades home.  Anderson is a member of the Hiding Place Church, a community of born-again Christians, and the marriage fueled speculation that Nicks herself might be a devotee of Jesus.  "I think marrying Kim puts her into our group, but she'll have to come in her own time," said minister Philip Wagner, who performed the wedding.  Wagner said that he had initial "trepidations" about marrying the pair ("I had to know where Stevie was at with the Lord.")  The church, which emphasizes the supernatural and the charismatic in its worship, was founded last year by Henry Cutura, a former bass player for Debby Boone, and Todd Fisher, the son of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.

The groom was previously married to Nicks' best friend, Robin Anderson, who contracted terminal leukemia last year.  Only a week before her death, Robin gave birth to a healthy child.  Nicks is the child's godmother.

Wagner said the couple's wishes were to keep the sundown ceremony "simple and stay away from the thee's and thou's.  I did a little five-minute thing about their relationship to the Lord, and little miracles happening.  Then we did some quick vows, they exchanged rings, and we had a little communion." 

Attendees included Nicks' fellow Fleetwood Macksters Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood.  Nicks' longtime paramour, Lindsey Buckingham, was not in attendance.

Thanks to Kayde for transcribing this and posting it to the Ledge and to Anusha for forwarding it to us.