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ROLLING STONE - Random Notes - Feb. 23, 1978

For a guy who was committed to a mental institution only a year ago for trying to get his royalty checks stopped, former FM guitarist Peter Green is doing quite well. He recently married longtime sweetheart Jane Samuel at Mick Fleetwood's house in Bel Air, and has announced plans to record his first album, a solo, since he left the Mac 8 years ago to become a religious nomad. Guests of Green's wedding included Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood and his wife Jenny (matron of honor), John Mayall's bassist Steve Thompson (best man), Mack alumnus Bob Welch and former Animals guitarist John Weider. When the couple left the house to catch a plane to London for their honeymoon, they discovered that Christine and Jenny had written "Just Married" in bacon and onion dip on the back of Jane's VW.

Just a few.....kinda interesting, huh?

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