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Rolling Stone Interview, April 19, 1998 [from AOL's Warner/Reprise site]


Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks lets us behind her mask

On writing songs early in her career ...

San Francisco isn't a place for us, you know. So we were pretty freaked out. So we turned around and we went home. We spent a year writing all those songs and making those demos and going out to Lindsey's dad's coffee plant and working all night, every night. We went up there, like, 9 at night -- it was very scary. Up to like the Cow Palace area. Very scary. All the people leave the plant at 6 p.m., we went up there at 9 p.m. We rocked all night long until 6 in the morning, five days a week. And then they'd start coming in at, like, 7 a.m. So we'd be out of there at about 5:30 a.m. Drive home. Us in a room with a four-track. It was so scary up there that we locked ourselves in the room where we were and didn't go out, ever, because it was a big warehouse, you know, a coffee plant. So it was very scary. So we would stay in there all night, and if we heard things, we would just, like, stay in there and keep the door locked, you know. Good acoustics.

On marriage ...

I've lived with a few of my boyfriends for six months maybe, but never five years. So once you've lived with somebody that long, there's just -- I mean Lindsey and I don't even have to talk most of the time, we know each other so well. It's not easy for guys in this business to have fabulous relationships, either. It's really hard for women. Because like -- I mean like look at this -- the last couple of weeks -- if I was married, living with somebody here in this house -- I have been gone from 1 o'clock in the afternoon, getting up at 10 a.m. to just wake up to be able to get up that early. And you know my whole brain is, you know, pointed, getting ready, getting over the hill to rehearsal by 1 p.m.. All day long till 6 p.m. or 7 p.m., stopping for fittings, stopping to have .a vitamin B12 shot and a vitamin B complex shot. By the time I roll in here at 10 o'clock [at night] I am so tired that I don't even want to talk to anybody. I go straight for the door and straight upstairs to my bedroom and close the door. So on top of that, I'm leaving on the 15th for three months. Bye. See ya. I know you're not welcome on the road. So, how many guys could really enjoy being so second? Not many. I wouldn't like it.

On Tom Petty and the press ...

As God is my witness, Tom [Petty] and I are very good friends. I just talked to Tom the night that we found out about Princess Diana, talked to him on the phone for an hour. He lives very close to here, he lives right down there. So Tom and I are, like, neighbors. And it's great because he really is my good friend. He's my best guy friend. When I heard that thing about Princess Diana, I picked up the phone and called Tom Petty. So no, Tom and I have been really good friends since he gave me "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." A hundred years ago, the press really kind of messed up our friendship [so when] Tom did all those shows up in San Francisco, he really didn't want me to come up. Because of the press. And I was very hurt because of this. That is what the press does. So the press did manage to get in and destroy my ability to go and see my favorite rock star play at my favorite place, The Fillmore. I didn't get to go because of the press. Couldn't go.

On Lindsey Buckingham ...

I took care of him. He had a great life when we were together, you know. I mean, we had a lot of fun up until we joined Fleetwood Mac. I mean, we were rocky when we joined, but then it just all went to hell. Before we only had each other so that was, you know, that was a much easier existence. Because we did have fun. We did -- we did live in our little house and watch movies and sit and play music and sing and practice and I cooked for him and I loved him. I loved taking care of him. I wanted him to be beautiful. I did everything I could do to make him happy. And that's why it was hard for him when I left, because in Lindsey's mind, all the other women that came after me were all going after rich rock & roll star Lindsey. Nobody was looking into the heart I had looked into. Nobody was seeing the guy before he was famous. We knew each other before. That's what makes us unique to each other. We were not famous when we met. We were not rich. We were just regular, normal kids.

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