Rolling Stone, issue 452, July 18th, 1985.

Random Notes Goes on Vacation

Lindsey Buckingham just can't stay out of the water - his family was known as the Swimming Buckinghams when he was growing up, and his brother Greg actually won an Olympic silver medal in 1968.  But while he's floating, he's writing a song called "Time Bomb Town" for the Spielberg film Back to the Future and dreaming up new sounds and lyrics for his fall-release solo album.  "It will be more commercial than Go Insane, in the best and healthiest possible way.  But I have to get a little bit crazy, have mildly psychotic experiences.  You can't do good work when you're in control all the time." After that, he and the rest of Fleetwood Mac will get together for what could be their swan-song LP.

Thanks to Tracy Garner for posting this and to Anusha for sending this to us.