Q magazine, Issue #94, July 1994

by Jimmy Nicol

Street Angel - Stevie Nicks

Like Stonehenge, Stevie Nicks is a hippyesque icon that remains unchanged by time. Unlike Stonehenge, Nicks is an ethereal rocker whose blend of veil-waving Madame Zara spookiness sits alarmingly well over pounding American AOR rock. STREET ANGEL is no exception. From Destiny to Rosegarden, from Kick It to Unconditional Love, nothing happens that Nicks fans have not heard before. There is, of course, no Rhiannon here, but there is an alarmingly lacklustre cover of Just Like A Woman featuring its writer, a man who should have known better, on harmonica and backing drone.

Thanks to Villavic for posting this to The Ledge and to Anusha for sending it to us.