Q magazine, Issue #75, December 1992

by David Hepworth

Law And Order - Lindsey Buckingham

The bouquets that greeted the release of Buckinghams recent OUT OF THE CRADLE have prompted the mid-price re-issue of his first solo effort from 1981 in which he laid out the foundations of his individual style. The elements are all here: the melting ballad (Trouble), the queer, jaunty Tusk-style singalong (Bwana) and the interest in both folk song and show song (Satisfied Mind alongside Kurt Weill's SEPTEMBER SONG). Those who've started with the new stuff can confidently backtrack to this, which is not quite as thematically strong but no less sparky and inventive.

Thanks to Villavic for posting this to The Ledge and to Anusha for sending it to us.