Q magazine, Issue #82, July 1993

by Ian Cranna

Heroes Are Hard To Find - Fleetwood Mac

Three interesting chapters from the under-rated middle period of Fleetwood Mac. KILN HOUSE (1970) was the first LP after Peter Green's departure. Creative input was now divided between Danny Kirwan (Green's youthful protege) and the more eccentric Jeremy Spencer. It remains an odd mixture, alternating between Spencer's rock‘n’roll and country pastiches (plus one charmingly gentle love song) and Kirwan's exploratory blues-derived material, with its pleasing discipline and incisive guitar work (especially on Tell Me All The Things You Do and the instrumental Earl Gray).

Three years, three albums and three personnel changes later comes the more modern soft-rock sound of MYSTERY TO ME. With Christine McVie on keyboards, Bob Weston on lead guitar and the talented Bob Welch writing most of the songs, it's a tasteful affair and retains an emotional edge. Welch also added a looser, jazzier tinge to the mood, contrasting nicely with some sturdy rhythms, resulting in career highpoints like Emerald Eyes and Hypnotized. With its refreshing lack of calculation, this still sounds contemporary.

1974's low-key HEROES ARE HARD TO FIND followed the departure of Weston and saw vocals mixed low and a noticeably darker atmosphere. Though there are few standout tracks and Welch's songwriting was beginning to wane, the experimental side continues to appeal, with some songs almost sketches—melodic murmurs in the murk of dense, moody guitars and lyrics dealing with dreams, spells and mysteries. An understated but still interesting sideshow. Next stop, Buckingham and Nicks…

Thanks to Villavic for posting this to The Ledge and to Anusha for sending it to us.