"The 100 Greatest Albums in the Universe."

Q Magazine, February 1998 edition

Rumours appears at number 25.  Here is what the entry says:

That such sublime music was borne out of songs chronicling the despair of lovers falling apart remains one of rock's great paradoxes. The ease with which Lindsay (their misspelling, not mine) Buckingham's guitar inventions butterfly around the band's soothing vocals disguises a snakepit of seething emotions as a featherbed of contentment.  Perhaps it's those conflicting signals which make the bitterness of Go Your Own Way or the aching resignation of Dreams so easy to take.  "It was a good album," said Buckingham in retrospect, "but it wasn't a classic." Ooops!  Rumours is proof that multi-platinum sales can be achieved without compromising integrity or peddling vocal histrionics in place of real emotion.

They also list Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys at number 31 and in one portion write that, "The legacy of this timelessly gorgeous music is unmistakable in the work of Fleetwood Mac."

Q picked the number one greatest album in the universe as 'Radiohead with OK Computer'.  Huh???

Thanks to Les for posting this to the Ledge and to Anusha for sending it to us.