The Observer, February 22, 1998

Astrology notebook: Stars of the stars: Fleetwood Mac


When they picked up the award for outstanding achievement at the Brits recently, Fleetwood Mac should also have received a gong for group incest and collective emotional turmoil two broken marriages and a failed affair are way beyond the capabilities of most bands.

How did they stick together? The charts of the five offer clues. Immediately striking is the dominance of three signs in their 'personal' planets of Sun (self), Moon (emotions), Venus (love) and Mars (lust). Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo loom large in the horoscopes of all but guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

Although the formerly married John and Christine McVie have clashing Sun signs (fiery Sagittarius and watery Cancer), the pair were clearly star-bound, with their respective Venuses atop each other's Moons. The marriage of songstress Stevie Nicks to Lindsey Buckingham is a good match by Sun sign (Gemini and Libra, both air), but her three other personal planets are earth and water, his fire and air. Result: singing recriminations onstage, not speaking off.

Astrologers argue Nicks's fling with drummer Mick Fleetwood was her Cancer Venus seeking his Cancer Sun. But Fleetwood might as easily have been drawn to McVie, who shares his Cancer Sun and Scorpio Moon. Confused? They were.

Thanks to Anusha for sending it to us.