NY Post 6-19-98



ALMOST everybody loved Stevie Nicks.Before the on-again-off-again Fleetwood Mac singer took the stage Wednesday, her fans were antsy with anticipation at Nicks' Radio City Music Hall engagement, where she spread her solo wings.

Almost everybody loved how the diminutive singer twirled her trademark dervish dance and slapped her tambourine as she offered an assortment of numbers.

There were tunes from her tenure at the Fleetwood Mac mike as well as songs from her solo years during the two-hour event.

Sure, the tunes sounded pokey as Nicks depended heavily on a pair of backup singers for any note above high middle-register. Yes, the band - especially Nicks' drummer - was insensitive to the fact that their sonics were riding roughshod over Nicks' signature honey 'n' whiskey vocals. All right, Nicks' stage presence was less than exciting.

Still, almost everybody loved this witchy woman even as she halted the concert half a dozen times for costume changes into duds that all looked pretty much the same.

One guy nearby was madder than Dolly Parton in a training bra - not because the show was snoring, but because the folks in our area of the Music Hall's orchestra section weren't on our feet, exalting Stevie's every move.

The concert opened with a guy standing center stage, delivering a definition of the word "enchanted" (which also serves as the title of Nicks' boxed set, currently in music stores). Yet after Nicks' not-so-engaging performance, "enchanted" would hardly be the word Mr. Webster would have selected.

If this one-night stand was telling, Nicks, now 50, lives on her reputation and fan nostalgia - certainly not on the reality of a voice that, over the years, has become brassy and limited to a very narrow range.

In spite of that, almost everybody loved Nicks, from her shawls to her five-inch-heel pumps that seemed to hobble her as she walked about.

S.N. seemed to take keen pleasure in being able to speak directly to the audience - not that she shared anything of any consequence with her adoring fans.

At one point, Ms. Nicks looked over to one of her bandmates and privately exclaimed into a mike for all to hear: "They have never heard me talk before."

Well, the "talk" didn't cause any great shakes or reveal any dish recent or past.

Instead, Stevie offered perfunctory song intros, a few thank-yous.

In terms of music, the place to like the concert was when S.N. reprised old F.M. tunes, such as her nice-to-rough version of "Rhiannon" and the very simple guitar and voice treatment on "Landslide."

For "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (the hit she had with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), she hit a concert high. But in the end, the show was mostly soulless, the songs seemed to be performed by rote and the middle-of-the-road little big band played schlock 'n' roll rather than rock.

Still, almost everybody loved Stevie Nicks.

Thanks to CL Moon for posting sending this article to us.