New York Post, October 1, 1977

"The mega-album 'Rumours' 6M and going strong"

by Lou O'Neill Jr. 

The two-word ad on the back cover of Billboard told the whole story. The copy simply read "SIX MILLION."  Under that message wa a photo of "Rumours," Fleetwood Mac's record-breaking album. The beat goes on.

Six million sold and still going strong! Over one million records sold in L.A. alone. Hard to believe, but true. The era of the mega-album is upon us.

Now, in a move virtually unprecedented in the record industry, Warner's has decided to market yet a fourth single from the album. The tune, Christine McVie's haunting "You Make Loving Fun" (backed with "Gold Dust Woman") was released only two week's ago but has already jumped to No. 40 on this week's Hot 100 singles chart.

Ironically, Fleetwood's thrid single, "Don't Stop," is still on the charts and is receiving strong national airplay as well. The other two singles from "Rumours" were Lindsey Buckingham's "Go Your Own Way" and Stevie Nicks' "Dream."  It was the hypnotic "Dreams" that became the band's first gold single (and No. 1) just a few months ago.

Of the four singles released so far, the new one is unquestionably our favorite. Indeed, Miss McVie told this reporter last summer, "'You Make Loving Fun' is one of my choices from the album. I wanted it to be our third single but we put out 'Don't Stop' instead. 'You Make Loving Fun' is an idealistic song about a point in my life when I was pretty unhappy with myself. It's a fantasy to be sure but I love fantasy."

Incredibly, "Rumours" has now been slotted at No. 1 for 25 consecutive weeks. There's been nothing quite like it since "Sgt. Pepper" 10 years ago this summer. Warner's projects album sales of eight million by the end of this year.

It entered the charts at No. 10 February 26.  In two weeks, "Rumours" went from No. 8 to No. 4. By the last week of March it was becoming apparent just what kind of a record "Rumours" was going to be.

A few more weeks and suddenly there it was--No. 1 in the first two weeks of April. But "Hotel California" by the Eagles knocked it down to No. 2 again for five consecutive weeks back in the spring yet there it was again on May 28 back as the most popular LP in the country. The album was to stay in that position eight weeks straight until the disc dropped to No. 3 on July 16 behind Barry Manilow's "Live" album, and Frampton's long-awaited "I'm In You."

Only one week later, on July 23, "Rumours" was back on top and its been there ever since. Prediction:  Watch "You Make Loving Fun" becomes the group's biggest single ever. In addition, look for Warner Brothers Records to release yet a fifth single (never done before) from the album that has all but been conceded the record of the year. The most likely choice? "Second Hand News" or "The Chain."

Thanks to Maria and the Second Hand News and to Anusha for sending it to us.