Taken from: "Nieuwe Revu", 1992

Preference: Lindsey Buckingham (42): songwriter, musician, singer, producer (ex-Fleetwood Mac)
Film: "Citizen Kane"
Tv: old shows of Ernie Kovacs
Radio: old shows of Stan Prebero
Music: anything that's good
Food: anything that tastes good
Drink: milk, coffee
Woman: anyone with inner beauty
Man: are you making a joke?
Book: "Charlie Chaplin", by David Robinson
Magazine: "Mad" before 1964
Most valuable record: my father's 78" records
Transportation: Mercedes Benz 500 and the bicycle
Town: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Night out: candlelight, diner, bottle Lafitte Rothschild '61
Sexy: beauty, love, confidence
Dislike: dishonesty

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