, April 2, 1998

by Rob Hillard

Stevie Nicks, Road Gypsy

Nothing pisses off Lindsey Buckingham more than to see Stevie Nicks do well, and she's doing even better with the release of her box set, not unsurprsingly titled Enchanted. The compilation will feature the witchy one's greatest hits, as well as live and unreleased material, and will be in stores on April 28. If that isn't enough, a still taut-and tightened Nicks will hit the road on May 27, in Hartford, Connecticut and will extend all the way to August, ending up with a weary sigh at the Gorge on August 8.

Stevie Nicks Tour Dates:

[ The most current dates can be found in the Enchanted Tour '98 Section. ]

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