moXiegirl catazine, Spring Issue 1998

Tonic Q&A

by Lisa B.

Once upon a time, Fleetwood Mac was the coolest and Stevie Nicks-the band's singer and token glam temptress-was an icon for girls (including Courtney Love, who is obnoxiously loud in her praise of Stevie... surprise, surprise). Fleetwood Mac's shining moment came with the release of the best album of their career, 'Rumours'. As it turns out, 'Rumours' was a massive influence on many bands we know and love today. A bunch of bands got together and recorded a 'Rumours' tribute album, currently due out this spring. One band that's been involved from the get go is Tonic. Via phone, I drilled lead singer and guitarist from his hotel room about the wondrousness of Fleetwood Mac.

Why did you decide to be a part of this project?

"Rumours was- and is- a huge record for all of us in the band. It was one of my first records. Fleetwood Mac opened my mind to 'song oriented' rock n roll."

Why did you choose the track "Second Hand News"?

"We had a few tracks to choose from and that one stood out. It's one of the better songs on the album....

Thanks to Leigh Krampe for sending it to us.