Melody Maker, December 27, 1969

"Mac-Chart Stars"

Fleetwood Mac have coppped the fairy off the pop Christmas Tree of 1969. By a total of 77 points, they have topped the Beatles as Most Popular Artists in the Melody Maker Chart for 1969.

The table is based on awarding points for a record's entry and duration of stay in the Pop Thirty. Fleetwood Mac are entrenched in the No. 1 slot with 748 points.

The Beatles are runners-up with 671. Stevie Wonder is just 10 points back -- in the No. 3 slot.

A new Fleetwood Mac single will be issued by Warner-Reprise in mid-February to coincide with the group's return to Britain from the U.S..

The current tour is going successfully, one of the best nights being in Boston, where they were received by a full house despite the fact that the Stones were playing elsewhere in the city.

Thanks to Anusha for formatting and sending it to us.