Live! Daily Entertainment News -- Weekend Edition (August 22, 1997)

Stones / Fleetwood Mac Ticket Sales Watched Closely
stonestour.gif 10.74 K Concert industry insiders and fans are keeping close tabs on the progress of ticket sales for what promises to be the hottest pair of tours in the latter quarter of the year - Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones. Just as with recent tours by the Eagles and U2, prognostications abound as to whether the aging core audience of classic rock acts will trot out to a stadium (in the Stones' case) for $60 (top price) or cozy up in a local arena (for Fleetwood Mac) and pay a significantly higher price for the best seats in some major markets.

fleetwoodmac.jpg 10.32 K In Fleetwood Mac's case, the first batch of dates for their fall tour went on sale earlier this week. By week's end, most shows were sold out or very close, prompting promoters to add shows in several cities. The first of the Stones dates go on sale this coming weekend, including the tour kickoff at Chicago's Soldier Field and the tour's second stop at Columbus, Ohio's Ohio Stadium. Here's a rundown of announced on sales for these two acts this weekend.

Note: On September 1st, Live! Daily will begin ongoing coverage of these tours.

Thanks to Lisa Wellman for the submission.