Late Show With David Letterman, May 3, 2001

The show began with Dave joking that he had been married to Stevie twice in the 70's. He calls her his "ex". This started when she was on his show with the Enchanted Tour and he introduced her as his ex-wife.

Dave is interviewing Bill Murray. Bill's dressed in a black, gaucho outfit--almost like something Mick would wear, especially with the black hat. And Bill has the beard.

Winding-up Bill's interview:

David Letterman: You were married to Stevie Nicks weren't you?

Bill Murray: Stevie Nicks, is of those strange mysteries, ya know?

David Letterman: Yeah.

Bill Murray: You call her a chick cause she's rock and roll, it rhymes with Nick. (Dave laughs) But ah...she's a...and, uh, and she's always been so odd, ya know, and she's always like draped in lace and stuff. And I always thought, Oh wow! Scary that was, wow. But turns out... I remember she said to me, that, uh, when she was having a rough time she'd watch Caddyshack. And she...and uh...

David Letterman: Straightened her out?

Bill Murray: Straightened her out, and I thought...(applause)

David Letterman: Completely taken by surprise.

Bill Murray: And I can say this now, when I'm stone drunk and crawling on the floor I put on some of her music,(gives thumbs-up). For real.

David Letterman: Another inspirational thought. Bill, nice to see you. Thank you very much. Bill Murray ladies and gentlemen. We'll be back with Stevie Nicks. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

David Letterman: (fiddling with his collar) Thank you very much. Our next guest is a, uh, grammy award winning singer/song writer and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.(Dave puts copy of TISL up on his desk for the camera) She has a brand new CD, right here, it's entitled Trouble in Shangri-La. Here she is...the lovely...the legendary, Stevie Nicks. (Applause.) Stevie walks out from backstage and to the mic, in black dress with black sequin sleeves. Waddy is beside her, on our left, on guitar. Sharon and Mindy are on the right in black, short dresses. The band is around in the back. No special decor, just a shiny stage floor. NO ribbons on the mic stand, either!! Stevie sings "Everyday". She seems a little nervous and is doing these little swirling hand gestures during the song. She does a cute twirl at the end and smiles. (Applause) Dave comes over to her.

David Letterman: Hi, Stevie. How are you?(shakes her hand). Stevie: Hello!(they share a peck on the cheek)

David Letterman: Nice song. Nice to see ya. Come on over and have a seat. Stevie: All right. (she takes hold of his arm) I will.

David Letterman: Stevie Nicks everybody. We'll be right back. Stevie and Dave are on the interview set. (Applause) Stevie is on our left and Dave is behind his desk.

David Letterman: Stevie Nicks, ladies and gentlemen. So, you look great. You sound fantastic.

Stevie Nicks: Thank you.

David Letterman: This is a terrific CD.(he holds it up and looks it over) It's been in the stores for a couple of days?

Stevie Nicks: Since day before yesterday.

David Letterman: Good for you. Now, uh, did you hear Bill Murray when he was out here...

Stevie Nicks: I did.

David Letterman: before telling about any of that true?

Stevie Nicks: The Caddyshack thing is true.

David Letterman: Really?

Stevie Nicks: Yes.

David Letterman: Really?

Stevie Nicks: It cheers me up.

David Letterman: It cheers you up, well good.

Stevie Nicks: It cheers me up and I wanted to, like, take him aside at one point and tell him that it had meant a lot to me.

David Letterman: Well, that's very nice of you. Very, very nice for both of you actually. What are, what are you doing? Are you, are you on the road now with your CD and stuff?

Stevie Nicks: I'm getting ready to go on the road, I'll go July 1st, my first is, uh, Pittsburgh on the 6th of July.

David Letterman: Is this one of those deals where you'll be gone for like, years?

Stevie Nicks: It will probably be, like, a year.

David Letterman: A year.

Stevie Nicks: I would say. Yeah.

David Letterman: Now, are you gonna go overseas?

Stevie Nicks: Um, yes. Absolutely.

David Letterman: Wow. And, eh, you don't get tired of that stuff?

Stevie Nicks: I haven't really been to Europe in a long time. So, I'm kinda looking forward to it.

David Letterman: And will the crowds be crazy for you when you go over there?

Stevie Nicks: I have no idea. But you have to go there.

David Letterman: Yeah.

Stevie Nicks: To make them crazy about you.

David Letterman: I see. (audience laughs)

Stevie Nicks: If you don't go they don't like you. So, I'm goin. (Dave laughs)

David Letterman: Well, good, that makes perfect sense.(audience applauds and Stevie smiles.)

David Letterman: Do you ever watch that Survivor show?

Stevie Nicks: I watched the first one.

David Letterman: What do you think of it?

Stevie Nicks: Well, I enjoyed the first one. I didn't get to watch the second one cause I missed the first couple of weeks of it, cause I was working. And then it, it was too late to understand it. But I enjoyed the first one. I am not a surviving people person. I mean, I'm not a, you know... I would not survive in the outback.(audience laughs)

David Letterman: But. No,no,no,no,no,no. In your own life, in your career, I think that label applies. Don't you think?

Stevie Nicks: Yes, that's true but...(audience applauds) Thanks. (Stevie kind of laughs and waves her hands back and forth and shakes her head) But I would not survive the outback, and the snakes and bugs and animals and all that. No.

David Letterman: I think you'd do all right.(audience laughs)

Stevie Nicks: I don't know.

David Letterman: I think you're selling yourself short.

Stevie Nicks: Oooh, I don't know.

David Letterman: Is that Waddy Wachtel standing over there?

Stevie Nicks: That's Waddy Wachtel standing over there.(They look to the left toward the stage)

David Letterman: Oh, my God! (applause, and Stevie does this squeal. We don't see Waddy though.) This guy has worked for everyone who's ever been in the music business, hasn't he?

Stevie Nicks: Yes. Yes. He played on my very first solo album, Bella Donna, all of it. In 1981.

David Letterman: Right. (Dave lifts CD) This one is called trouble, Trouble in Shangri-La. Well, I certainly hope there's no trouble with the album, or with your life. (He shakes Stevie's hand.) Nice to see you again. Thank you very much.

Stevie Nicks: Nice to see you. Thanks.

David Letterman: Stevie Nicks, ladies and gentlemen. (applause) What are we doin'? Is that it? We gotta go. Thanks to everybody being here tonight. (Stevie waves at the audience) We'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight everybody.

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