Jonestown Tribune-Democrat, November 23, 1984

Lonely rock star is swamped with offers

Lindsey Buckingham, who does his rocking with the band Fleetwood Mac, says he never dreamed his confession of loneliness to a magazine writer would trigger an avalanche of mail from would-be girlfriends.

But sine Rolling Stone ran an article called, "Lindsey Buckingham, Lonely Guy" on Oct. 25, nearly 1,000 women aged 18 and up have written, offering companionship to the singer-guitarist-songwriter.

The headline above the article probably encouraged many of the letter writers: "Handsome millionaire rock star, 34, seeks soul mate for long-term relationship. Must be willing to relocate to LA. No drugs."

"I can't believe that so many people have written," Buckingham said through spokesman Sharon Weisz. "I'm considering sending them to MTV for a 'Move in with Lindsey Buckingham' contest, so keep those cards and letters coming!"

Most of the women who have sent letters to Rolling Stone, Buckingham's record company and his manager appear to be serious, and many have included pictures, Ms. Weisz said. "A lot of them are from out of town. There are lots of people willing to relocate."

"My personal favorite is the woman who sent in a photograph of herself where she had obviously cut out her boyfriend-except for his arm around her neck."

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