George Magazine, December 1997

Author Joel Achenbach wrote:

"The guy I like from the 70's is John Denver, because he had the decency to ensure that he'd never, ever cash in on this new 70's craze. Someone needs to get Stevie Nicks up in one of those experimental planes, pronto."

George Magazine - Letters to the Editor


I am just writing to tell you that I was greatly upset by Joel Achenbach's article "Bee Gees Be Gone" (January).  The article is highly insensitive and in poor taste.  The author mentions that he admires the late John Denver because he "had the decency to ensure that he would never, ever cash in on the new '70s craze." This is horrible and shows very poor taste.  John Denver was a great singer-songwriter who did not deserve to die in such an untimely fashion.  To write the article in that manner and make fun of his death is atrocious.  Achenbach then jokes that Stevie Nicks should go up in an experimental plane as well.  While Achenbach is apologizing to John Denver's family, he should also apologize to Nick's.

- Staci P.

I don't know who you insulted more, the fans and family of John Denver or the those of Stevie Nicks.  But you have stooped to a new low in tastelessness.

- Phil H.

Thanks to Lauren for posting this to the Ledge and to Anusha for sending it to us.