E! Online-- The Dance Music Review (August 19, 1997)

Compared to the egg laid by the Eagles with their half-assed live album Hell Freezes Over, this live comeback CD is divine. The Dance demonstrates what fans have known for years: In its best-known incarnation, Fleetwood Mac are top-notch singers, players and songwriters with a wealth of memorable material. Although the warring personalities are still there, the ire seems to have subsided. Now everyone is aiming to prove himself musically: Lindsey [sic] Buckingham by singing and playing with a demonic edge, Stevie Nicks by improvising her way around several of the melodies and the others by performing with renewed enthusiasm. A magnificent version of the still-touching "Silver Springs" provides the best radio moment, but Buckingham's fiery rendition of "Big Love" is excellent too.