Delaware County Daily Times, May 29, 1998


" Landslide" banned from graduation service; singers called "Satan worshippers"

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) - Students' plans to play Fleetwood Mac's tune "Landslide" at a baccalaureate program in church fell apart after the minister said the group was satanic.

Moments before Huntsville High School's baccalaureate service was to begin, class vocalist Emily McDowell was told she couldn't sing the wistful song about growing older and changing.

"The music minister said the leader of Fleetwood Mac is a witch and a Satan worshipper," said McDowell. "I was in shock. So I pointed out the fact that I was a Christian and I wasn't singing the song to go againt God."

McDowell, who is still allowed to perform " Landslide" at today's graduation, left the church before the service for graduating seniors began at Southwood Presbyterian Church on Sunday.

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