1978 interview, British newspaper, the Daily News.

Interviewer: Christine, in your own words, pleases describe each member of Fleetwood Mac.

Chris: This is going to be tough.  You do realize that I am going through a divorce, so, does that mean I have to be nice?

Interviewer: it would be greatly appreciated.  Why don't you start with Stevie?

Chris: Stevie and I are two very different women, but somehow we jell.  She is kinda like the sister that I never had.  I guess you could say we have grown to love each other.  Lindsey is a very demanding person, but at the same time he would do anything for me if I asked him to.  I have a lot of respect for him and I guess I could say that I love him too.  Don't look into that statement...we are just friends.

Interviewer: What about John and Mick?  Are you still having troubles with John?

Chris: Mick is a very funny person and I love him dearly.  he has been a sort of big brother to me since I started out in Fleetwood Mac.  He is very cheeky and sometimes arrogant, but you can't help but love the chap! John is a completely different story.  I love John more than anyone knows...I hope he doesn't read this......anyway as I was saying, I still love him.

Interviewer: Then why the divorce?

Chris: Too many fights, too much alcohol, too much loving, who knows?  We just fell apart.  We haven't been getting along too well these past couple of weeks, but we will survive.  We always do.

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