February 11, 1997; Metaverse Cybersleaze Report: "Rocker PETER GREEN has ruled out any future FLEETWOOD MAC reunion because he's too happy fronting his own group again. The former recluse formed SPLINTER GROUP, featuring drumming legend COZY POWELL for summer festival dates last year, and is so pleased with his return to the live circuit he's about to embark on his first proper tour. And that means hopes for a PETER GREEN'S FLEETWOOD MAC are slimmer than ever. His manager STUART TAYLOR says, "He's not a backward-looking person. He and MICK FLEETWOOD are chatting from time to time but I really don't think the old fans should get their hopes up. I've heard that a Fleetwood Mac reunion is on the cards around the 20th anniversary of the RUMOURS album, but that LP had nothing to do with Peter and I don't think he would be interested. After all, who's left - Mick, Peter and JOHN McVIE?" Our sentiments exactly"