SHOCKER FROM THE COAST: It's all true what they're saying about Beach Boy Dennis Wilson and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac. Almost overnight, the couple has become inseparable. Friends say Christine has never been happier. Our snoop tells us Dennis and Christine are living together for stretches of three and four days at a time. Basically, dashing Denny has been hanging out at Christine's plush apartment in west L.A.

Close friends of the pair got a big laugh recently when Chris and Dennis were assigned separate seats for the American Music Awards. Yet after the show ended, Chris and Dennis managed to find each other very, very quickly at the private soiree following the show.

Meantime, Fleetwood Mac continues to work on their double-LP. Mick took a break from the sessions to produce an album for his protege, Denny Douma. Warner's will ship Douma's effort on May 4. The new Bob Welch record has a definite Fleetwood Mac feel to it and every indication points to a runaway hit.

We figure the next Fleetwood Mac album will go one of two ways: Either it will sell an incredible amount of units (15 to 25 million) or else it will sell a very "modest" amount (perhaps 3 or 4 million copies.) With fleetwood Mac, there's just no in-between.

By the way, that WAS Christine McVie backstage at Gotham's Radio City Music Hall last month when the Beach Boys came to town for four nights. Christine flew all the way in from the Coast to be with Dennis for one day. Then back to El Lay. She also receives a "special thanks" credit on the new Beach Boys album. Ah, how sweet love it!

Thanks to Kayde for transcribing this and posting it to the Ledge and to Anusha for forwarding it to us.