Canadian Online Explorer-- August 16, 1997

Fleetwood Mac: rehashed goodness

Pop & rock recordings

By MIKE ROSS, Express Writer

THE DANCE: Fleetwood Mac (Warner) -- This is not just another lame reunion album put out by tired old rock stars out for a quick buck. The Mac is back.
 Based on this vibrant collection of live performances captured for the 20th anniversary of Fleetwood Mac's smash hit Rumours album, the band is in top form. The members in what was the most well-known (if not entirely original) Mac lineup are older, wiser and obviously revelling in their former glory. If there's any example of ego here, it might be Lindsey Buckingham hogging the spotlight. But that's forgivable, since he's such an awesome guitarist. Singer Stevie Nicks is also in fine form.
 Many of the old hits, like You Make Loving Fun, are faithfully rendered, but the departures are the most fun. Buckingham torqued up Big Love to the point where he has to play it solo. Say You Love Me is recast in bluegrass. And the shuffling hit Don't Stop has a big brass band behind it. It works, in an odd way.
 Of the four new tracks, My Little Demon stands out, and while Temporary One is maybe a little too maudlin for the occasion ("the sea that divides us is a temporary one" and so on), it sounds as though there's enough magic left to open the door for a fresh Mac hit before too long.
 Imagine that. This has to be the most welcome classic rock reunion of the '90s. (4)