(Taken in part from:)  Billboard Magazine, 3-23-74

The Metro - New York

Making their east coast debut, as opening act for a local unsigned band, Buckingham-Nicks, a young band on Polydor, offered both problems and promise in a brief but telling set.  Chief virtues for the band are the strong vocal punch of duets between the groups focal points, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, a visually striking couple whose writing forms the  bulk of their repertoire.  With two additional musicians completing the current format, that twin strength is somewhat undermined, however, Buckingham currently handles both vocal leads and lead guitar, a role that seems to be a bit taxing.  Ms. Nicks also encounters problems, chiefly in her solo style, which points up to the occasional roughness of her voice and the strident quality to her top end that makes duets bracing, but proves less than fruitful when she takes the stage alone.  What more than saves the band is their sheer endurance, however, a country rock flavor to their faster tunes is ably sparked by that energy, and, with more consistent material another problem area further endangered during their set when they chose to cover Joni Mitchell's "Raised on Robbery..." a fine tune but a decidedly tough mark to match and, if additional instrumental support auguring for broader appeal.

Thanks to Brenda Clay for sending this to us.