BAM Magazine, Los Angeles edition, Issue #502 (2/7/97): -- "....Speaking of Fleetwood Mac, you may have heard by now that Courtney Love has joined forces with Stevie Nicks. Apparently, Love is co-writing a few tunes with the witchy-woman herself, to be included on Nicks's upcoming album. In fact, the two mystical mavens were seen chatting backstage at the Smashing Pumpkins' gig last December. While Nicks and her cloaked entourage were passing out incense to fellow Pumpkin-heads, she was over heard saying--unlike (former Red Hot Chili Pepper John) Frusciante--how very pleased she is with the Pumpkins' selection of her song and, thanks to all those royalty checks, she's been able to repair her badly damaged swimming pool. OK, so maybe that whining Billy Corgan does have a raison d'etre. Thanks to his "Landslide" genius, Ms. Stevie can return to her shimmering sanctuary of solitude. Hoo-ray!"

Thanks to Rick from the Go Insane web site for the submission.