Atlanta Journal & Constitution, July 24, 1992

PEACH BUZZ: Dad recalls early days of Buckingham's fame

Marietta portable power-pack manufacturer Wilson "Cas" Caspari tuned in to WAPW-FM (Power 99) and heard once-upon-a-time star Lindsey Buckingham being interviewed. So he called up and said he once caught Buckingham with his daughter in his garage. The yarn turned out to be true: Caspari's daughter Cherie has dated the former Fleetwood Mac guitarist for about eight years. Caspari says he and Buckingham, who's trying to make a solo comeback with his new album, "Out of the Cradle," share humble beginnings. "I started my business in the basement, so it's funny Cherie found a guy who works in his garage." Buckingham was in town promoting his record.


It's too short, but it's something different. Hope you enjoyed it!

Karen :-)

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