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Two CDs of cast-offs, rehearsals and muck-abouts from the Peter Green era. This was the period when Fleetwood Mac was shuffling off its purist's blues incarnation in favour of Peter Green's sophisticated and eerie pop compositions. Included are tentative stabs at Drifting (here named Fast Talking Woman Blues) and much of the sessions for the wonderful Then Play On - the Working For Madge jam, Underway, Coming Your Way, Oh Well and so on. There's also an unembellished, unfinished take of that apogee of British blues-psych, Green Manalishi; the very first attempts at Man Of The World and several mirth breaks for Jeremy Spencer's rock'n'roll pastiches. These include a posh-blues piss-take of Alexis Korner and the always amusing B-side, Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight, featuring Elvis as a malevolent Hell's Angel. It's a rag-bag selection to be sure, but Mac die-hards will find it fascinating. (Jim Irvin, MOJO Magazine, October 1998)

Fascinating 2CD of offcuts from Peter Green's brief creative peak. Forget the misleading title: blues-boom Fleetwood Mac enjoyed a laugh but this set of outtakes casts valuable light on Peter Green's troubled transition from sensitive guitarist to acid-led visionary. Mostly from the time of Then Play On (the first - and last - flowering of that creative leap), here are lengthy instrumental explorations with some great band playing, previously unissued songs, demos (complete with false starts and larking about), alternate versions (Man Of The World, the disturbing The Green Manalishi) and a live cut of the hugely innovative Oh Well. Truer to the title are some Jeremy Spencer send-ups, including a shelved EP of a club revue which includes some vicious parodies. A bit of a hotchpotch but engrossing listening, especially in the light of the brutally detailed booklet. (Ian Cranna, Q Magazine, November 1998)




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