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Back in 1969, Mac´s roadie and tape engineer, 'Dinky' Dawson, stowed away a good many masters of the doughty quintet in action. This recording from L.A.´s Shrine auditorium kicks off with a rather superfluous "Tune Up", but from then on it´s refinement all the way. The delicate Delta blues of "If You´ll Be My Baby" and bottleneck hoedown of "My Sweet Baby" show of the Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer combo elegantly. Mick´s shimmering cymbals and some attacking, gruntal vocals fuel the spiralling rhythm and sustain of "Something Inside Of Me", and "Great Balls Of Fire" rattles and rolls in winning style. Some deft fret flourishes, a chunk of rich harmonica-led porch plodding, and doses of plucky old-school blues, and you´ve got a 30-year-old treat on your hands. (Tim Jones, Record Collector, August 1999)




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