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From the back cover: "By the turn of the 70's Fleetwood Mac were on a roll, having established themselves as headliners in the United States via repeated touring. In Feb '70 they tapes three consecutive nights at the Boston Tea Party with the view to rush-releasing a live album: the band played out of their skins and the LP would doubtless have been a killer. But within just weeks the mercurial Peter Green - their founder, leader & frontman - had sensationally announced his decision to quit, and the project was shelved. Some of the material eventually crept out on a couple of mid-80's albums, Jumping At Shadows and a double-LP Roots - The Original Fleetwood Mac Live in Concert. However, these were poorly-compiled affairs, with patchy sound quality, a problem which worsened steadily with subsequent reissue packages. Following the recent discovery of the original 8-track master tapes they have all now been remixed & remastered. A further nine previously unissued performances were also found, and the material has been extensively re-compiled to take into consideration the original set sequencings. This, the second edition in a 3-CD set which finally brings these devastating performances to life, includes a previously-unheard jam which features Joe Walsh, at that time the guitarist with The James Gang, who opened for Fleetwood Mac no these memorable gigs."


Information supplied by Steve Elliot. Image supplied by Mark Trauernicht. Transcribed to HTML by Marty Adelson.

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