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Strong, above expectations

Written by John Bougae from Atlanta, Georgia Sep 19, 2008 at 12:21 PM
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Wow! You know you've seen something special when your very high expectations are exceeded. For more than 2 hours Fleetwood Mac covered the gamut of there last 30 years mixing both old and new songs seamlessly. Sitting in the middle of the front section on the floor the sound was amazingly clear and mixed perfectly. The song selections were basically split evenly between Stevie and Lindsey. Most of the classics including "Gypsy", "Dreams", "The Chain","Go Your Own Way",and "Landslide" were played with enthusiasm and style. The two largest ovation's, and they were deafening, were after the two extended, torrid, and electrifying solos by Lindsey especially after "I'm So Afraid". I thought the building was coming down. Lindsey looked like a mad scientist in the throes of alchemy. Stevie is still carismatic and sounding strong and true especially during the haunting "Beautiful Child". They are far from the two early twenty year olds I saw in November 1975 at the Fox Theater here in Atlanta during there very first tour with the band. They are now mature musicians at the height of there powers. If there is a better rhythm section than Mick and John in the history of rock and roll I can't imagine whom it might be. They were absolutly the tightest I've ever seen them. The only thing that was missing was the great Christine McVie. Her soulful voice and beautifully crafted songs were sorely missed. The band played "World Turning" and "Don't Stop", but Stevie is not Christine and the song's did not ring true. In a pathetic musical world full of untalented rappers, stupid boy bands, media created "Divas", and American Idol wannabees, Fleetwood Mac just keeps on rolling like a giant steamroller of musical power, melody, steller musicianship, and many powerful memories that are etched in your soul forever. Long may you run.
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FM still relevant

Written by Anonymous from Atlanta Sep 19, 2008 at 12:19 PM
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Concert tix today are too expensive and there are very few monster bands I'd pay a great deal to see (except U2, Bowie, Springsteen). I'm glad I scored some tix to this show... a bit cheaper than full price outside the arena because this show was not sold out. That surprised me. Looks like a bunch of corporate seats went unfilled.

Good concert. While it's hard to imagine this band without Stevie Nicks, it's impossible to picture them w/out Buckingham. The guy is so creative, so good at what he does. And he seems relevant still. Most older rock singers can't hit the notes they once could... including Nicks. She didn't try to hit the higher notes on "Dreams". Didn't expect her to. But Buckingham sounds no different than he did in '77.

I was curious if many of the people in attendance enjoyed the often LOUD and long guitar solos Lindsay was doing or if most just were there to hear Nicks' hits. Either way, it was a good show and the set list was a bit surprising (they didn't only play well known songs... the played "Eyes of the World" from "Mirage"... and thankfully did a totally diff version of "Big Love")

You wouldn't catch me dead at an Eagles show or most bloated 70's rock acts. I'm proud to call myself a Mac fan! Check 'em out.
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