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Great set-- but lousy seats/sound quality

Written by Anonymous from Massachusetts Sep 12, 2008 at 01:17 PM
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Our seats detracted from the enjoyment considerably-- drums overpowered many of the vocals and guitar work, and unfortunately great drum songs such as Tusk were muddled due to the sound quality. We had a good time, but I think due to our seats (nearly behind the stage!), we weren't at the same concert that folks in the center and far side received.

If you go-- watch your seat selection. Seriously. It's too great a band to get ruined because the speaker placement is poor.
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Fleetwood Mac Rocked The Worcester Centrum on May

Written by Stevie Heckelman from Beacon Falls, Connecticut Sep 12, 2008 at 01:15 PM
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I am coming from Connecticut which from where I live to Worcester is a 2 hour drive but it was worth it.I had a great time as we got to our seats in Section 102 row HH there was a lady from the Centrum box office came up to us and upgraded us to even better seats because where we were sitting we would not be able to see because of the sound board guys and photographers so we got up graded to Section 4 on the floor to Row A it was awesome made my night even better and the show rocked they opened with the Chain.Everyone was great, Great sold out show to a great crowd everyone was feeling Fleetwood Mac.

Lindsey was incredible and Stevie was great she did a couple of twirls during standback not to much swirling by her but great movements and she sounds awesome. Lindsey broke about 4 guitar strings.Some idiot jumped on stage during tusk he was near stevie stevie had her back to the audience at that time turned and realized there was some there dancing on stage as soon as the guy jumped on there Stevie's security guard came out took the guy off the stage

Everyone was singing to just about every song espeically Landslide the whole venue was singing right along with Stevie she was so touched by that she said we all sounded good and you can see the band was feeling the crowd it was an incredible night.They are playing there best.Lindsey even bent down to the people in the front row while playing go your own way and was letting some of the people play with his guitar as he was playing it was great Lindsey shook hands with a few people in the front row Stevie didn't she went around waving to everyone around the arena.They played for 2 1/2 hours of intense electrifying Rock N' Roll. Rock On Fleetwood Mac.

Thanks again to the Centrum for upgrading to better seats.

Mick's vest was working great he was really having a blast everyone in the band was having a blast and so was I and everyone in the venue it was an incredible crowd. They did play great instrumental music before they came on not sure who the music was by but then these cricket noises or locus noises came on right before they came on it was loud.

I had such a blast, I wish I could go to May 28th show but my wallet is a little low right now so I am going to save up for there 2nd leg of this tour starting in the fall I hope its some more U.S. dates I hope Connecticut is on one of the dates in the fall if not I either go to a New York or Massachuesetts show.

Lindsey was amazing I believe he broke 4 guitar strings mick was wild on the drums awesome drum solo. I was hoping everyone was going to sing to Stevie since her birthday was monday but nothing came out of that. I was excited too about getting upgraded from all right seats to great seats never been upgraded before it was really cool of the venue to do that and we didnt even ask to be upgraded.

I think the set list goes likes not in order

The Chain
Second Hand News
Beautiful Child
I'm So Afraid
Big Love
Say You Will
Say Goodbye
Good Bye Baby
Whats The World Coming To
Go Your Own Way
Never Going Back Again
Don't Stop Thinking About Tommorow
Eyes Of The World
World Turning
Silver Springs
Gold Dust Woman
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They brought the house (centrum) down last night.

Written by Gary Sep 12, 2008 at 01:12 PM
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What a show! Starting w/the chain, digging deep w/2nd hand news, lindsey playing big love w/huge live image of him wow! Tusk w/ marching band brilliant! Stevie has such a great voice gold dust woman & silver spring was stellar. Mick coming to front and center for solo awesome! john blending the great sound! 2 1/2 hrs. of incredible high energy. then to meet the entire band back stage after the show! we love you!!!!!!!!Big big Love!!!
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