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I want you to remember me

Written by Shayne Annan Bittebender Jun 06, 2008 at 03:52 PM
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September 25, 2000

The heart is my second favorite organ." :-o Well Chris Issac had a slightly bit naughty (but enjoyable) way of putting it but last night was an issue of the heart. Physically and emotionally. All for the Arizona Heart Institute. Now I have NO idea where to begin on this one but I will try and keep it as straight as possible but its a safe bet that that's gonna be a BIG longshot. LOL Anyway what can I say?? WOO WHOO!! Now I'll just try to fill you on some of the most magical highlights.

All that make a fabulous Stevie Nicks concert for myself and I'm sure many other fans as well. Well it all got started with Stevie's dear daddy coming out and introducing her to all the wall to wall fans eagerly awaiting the gypsy herself to appearance onstage. The band starts up "Outside The Rain," Stevie walks out with her always glittery black chiffon dress that she wears to many of her concerts. The only difference is that instead of the usual 5 inch heel she has on a pair of flat funky platform boots. Very cool change I thought. She can wear a potato sack and still look OUT OF THIS WORLD and she did last night! She looked fantastic and her voice was in excellent shape. I tell you she IS like the finest of wine. She just keeps getting better with age! Absolutely stunning. Ok on with the show!

Stevie got the crowd all warmed up with a few of her tunes like "Outside the Rain," "Dreams," "Enchanted," "Gold Dust Woman (with the golden shawl, twirls, primal Stevie scream, and all.)" Then it was time for Miss Sheryl Crow to jump up on stage and get things pumping (Not that its already pumped up enough ) She came out wearing black velvet (in honor of Stevie I'm sure ) hip hugging pants and black top. They had everyone dancing to "Everyday is a Winding Road." It was great watching them have a blast with this one. Especially with Stevie adding her unique vocals to Sheryl's songs. Then Sheryl alone performed "My Favorite Mistake" which was awesome. After that Stevie came back and they performed the most IN-FREAKIN-CREDIBLE version of Sheryl's "The Difficult Kind." That wasn't always my most favorite Sheryl tune but after hearing their version last night it is now. It was one of those moments where the crowd was in awe. Those two had such beautiful harmonies together. The notes they hit together was just total heaven!! It gave the song a whole new kind of freshness. Wow, wow, and WOW! Now it's time for a few more Stevie tunes!

The intro kicked in for the traditional and still one of my favs "Stand back." No black and gold shawl this time but she did wear her red one. Then I think she started to perform "Leather and Lace" where of course Don Henley came out to the roaring crowd to sing his part of the sweet duet. This was a great one to see and hear again since the last time they performed it here a couple years back. Of course this time I had a much better seat and they didn't look like little dots! LOL Don sang his part and Stevie most adoringly stood behind him. Very cute. ;) After that Don did a mellower version of "Boys of Summer" which the crowd sang along too. Everyone would have loved to hear a few more solo tunes but then that was that for Mr Henley. Stevie thanked him, he said "See you in three weeks" and he was off. It was a small appearance but a memorable one.

Ok now I'm not sure if this is when Stevie performed Rhiannon or not. You would this darn Ginkoba work a little faster for me! UGH! Well I think was either before or after Chris Issac walked out on stage. NO wait! Ok I think this is when she introduced us to her band. There were a couple new faces and some very familiar faces to us Stevie fans. That night it was the Brett's (the Keyboard player) birthday. So Stevie got the whole crowd to sing Happy Birthday to him. Ya happy "25th" Brett! When she introduced her bass player Don she had a tiny story to tell It was about how she was in a club and she was crossing the stage or something. She tripped but low and behold he caught her right in time. All I can say is GOD BLESS THAT MAN!!

Anyway now onto to most colorful guest of the night. From were I was sitting I could see the all the guest stars waiting from the side of the stage. Chris Issac stood out very nicely in his red hot 50's style suit with blue and green rhinestone flowers going up and down the side. He came out and he and Stevie sang "Its Late" in honor of her grandpa. It was a really nice surprise to hear a song like that is never performed too often. I sure do hope those two record that song together sometime in our lifetime!! It would be a shame if they didn't. They sang another song together but yet again the Ginkoba is blocking the title from my head. But I do remember Chris making up this cute story about how he and Stevie sang this song back in 73. Yeah Right! "She wasn't known as Stevie just yet. She was known as Happy! And I was known as Gail (I think that's what he said) but that's a long story."

Anyway Stevie and Chris wear being so playful and flirty with each other. Stevie kept taking the chiffon from her sleeves and covering it over her face and teasing him. Stevie was also telling him off about not telling some of those dirty jokes and stories. " THIS IS MY SHOW AND YOU CAN'T DO THAT!! Hee you go girl. and of course whatever Stevie says GOES. ;) But Chris did slip in a few colorful comments here and there. He said Stevie told him to cool down the filth cuz her mom and dad were there. "But I'll slip in a little filth for the people in cheap seats tonight!" And that he did. At least during most of "Baby Did A Bad Bad thing." In the middle of the song he did this whole little speech about the people in the front row. Something about them going home to their trailer homes and waterbeds and something about grilling the skillet which he said he had no idea about but it was pretty nasty. Uhhh Chris I thing baby is telling a big big lie with that one! ;) But pure Chris Issac through and through!

Then to my surprise Sheryl Crow popped back up onstage and started singing along a tiny bit and dancing kind of sexy in the background. One of my favorite Sheryl moments is when she stood back to let Chris is the rest of song but then got on her hands and knees and start crawling her way up to him. YOOWSA!!! Before the song end those two hit one hell of a high note together. I know because my ears are still ringing from it! After that Sheryl started to make her exit again and I thought I saw her pitch Waddy Wachtel's butt. :-o Chris can bring the beast out of anyone I guess. He sure did with the crowd. He sure did with me!

Definitely a few more fans for Chris. Now for the creme de la creme of Stevie songs. Rhiannon. There's not much I can say cuz I am out into orbit when Stevie performs this one. Just like a dream. One of my favorite moments is when she was under a single spotlight and she was just twirling and twirling and twirling. A classic Stevie moment. Then came the moment and the man many people wanted to see. The (in my opinion) all time and uncredited great guitar genius Mr. Lindsey Buckingham. It was extremely cool to see this guy again since the Mac reunion tour. I guess it was also cool to see him in the same outfit that he wore tour too! Black jacket, pants, and untucked button down shirt. Always giving Johnny Cash a run for his money! Anyway he came out and greeted Stevie very sweetly and doing something that is always very Lindsey.......give a speech with big earthy words! Heehee Well it was a very sweet speech. He was talking about (with Stevie hugging him from behind) how important and a special place Arizona was to him and too Stevie. When he was a kid his family would take vacations here and later on he and Stevie would visit her parents often. Then he ended the speech with how wonderful to see both of them back in Arizona today and that the next two songs were dedicated to Stevie. She was moved to tears with this one. They embraced and he kissed her on the hand as she walked off stage and wiping the tears from her eyes. Awwwwwwwwwww!

I can't tell you enough how great it is to see these two as good friends again. A bond like that is unbreakable. Anyway Lindsey proceeded to perform his two INCREDIBLE acoustic solo numbers. I tell you when you hear Lindsey perform his "plugged" songs acoustically it is up there as one of the most spiritual (next to Stevie of course) experiences. For me it is anyway. When he was finished up with that Stevie returned for their (I know its Stevie's song but it always feels like a Buckingham/Nicks thing for me) signature song (and a song I am FOREVER learning how to play on guitar) "Landslide" She dedicated this song to her mommy, daddy, her Aunt, and Lindsey's brother. Again back in that dream like state of mind. Just can't describe it except to say its one of the most moving songs in Rock and Roll. Then came a big surprise for the night. I though that was it for Lindsey but NO! He grabs another guitar and Carlos and Waddy (I have to say to pretty cool to see him perform with Stevie again) joins them up on stage. All of them together did a fabulous three guitar acoustic version of "Gypsy." Just watching all those guys go at it with their guitars all at the same time and all in one line was absolutely AMAZING. Imagine that was like three "generations" of guitarists that Stevie has had the honor of playing with in the past 30 years. And them having the honor of working with Stevie ;) I have to say that was my favorite FAVORITE moment of the whole show. Again wow, wow, and WOW. I didn't want it to end but unfortunately all good things have to end. But the show didn't end just yet! Stevie a few more Signature Stevie to get into our systems. Of course one of the major closing songs of night which no Stevie show can be without...... Edge of Seventeen. Everyone was on their feet, clapping, singing, throwing their arms in the air to this classic. Unfortunately because of where I was sitting I wasn't be able to get to the front of the stage. I figured that anyway. It's not meant to be I guess. :( Oh well what can ya do.

She still touched me. :) That song had everyone up for the remaining of the show which included two more classics such as Tom Petty's "I Need To Know." Stevie in coat tails and all! Now for the very last song of the show and of the night. "Has Anyone Every Written Anything For You." A song very very special to me as for others I'm sure. Mainly its special to me because it reminds me of a day that a good friend passed away a few years and that was the first song I listened to that dark day. While listening to Stevie sing that song and thinking of that day I just couldn't help but start crying. What also made this moment special was this young lady sitting next to me and who I got to know during the night. She saw me crying and simple took my hand and held it tightly. That right there, to me, sums up why I think Stevie Nicks fans are the GREATEST fans on Gods green earth. Sometimes without really knowing one another very well they all know exactly what your feeling. No matter how different we are we have this common ground that is Stevie Nicks and her everlasting music. LIVE ON AND ROCK ON FOREVER MY SISTERS (and brothers) OF THE MOON!! Then it was official. The show was ending. Stevie and her friends (Sheryl Crow also wiping tears away) all came out together and took their bows. The end. :( So I guess I should start to end it here. I know this was a long a dragged on review but this is the best way Shayne Annan can tell you how she was feeling that night. Total inspiration and rebirth. As I always bring up no matter how stressed my life gets its always wonderful that someone can give you 2 or 3 hours of pure bliss and that stress is just a figment of my imagination. Thank you Sheryl Crow. Thank you Don Henley. Thank you Chris Issac. Thank you Lindsey Buckingham. Last but certainly not least, with all my heart, Thank you Miss Stevie Lynn Nicks. You gave me the most amazing night of my life and you did it all for an excellent cause. Your big heart is now going to be a part of others that seek help from the Arizona Heart Institute. "I want you to remember me" you say? Stevie how on EARTH can you expect us to EVER forget you!?!??!?! We love you always and forever. :)

Hugs and Kisses
Moon Sister
Shayne Annan
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