Q&A Sessions
Brett Tuggle : June 7 - 13, 2004

We were pleased to invite Brett Tuggle back for his second Q&A which ran from June 7th through June 13th. Typically, the Q&A's last for two weeks, but Brett was on tour with Fleetwood Mac and asked us to shorten the time a bit-- otherwise, this would not have been possible for him to do.

Hi Brett!! What is your fave part of the Say You Will tour? Lindsey's crazy solos, Stevie's twirls on Stand Back, John's quiet but powerful bass solos or Mick's spray-fest vesturbation (TMChiliD)? (Christy, Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

My favorite part of the tour is just the fact that I'm there onstage playing with a great bunch of people that really still have the goods. It's good being me...

Hello Brett!!!!!!!! I love how you play the opening chords to Sara. I think it is great that you get to play that song live. What a thrill!!!! How are you playing it? In other words, do you put you own spin on it, did the band make changes to it from the album cut, etc.? Also, I love the interaction between you and Stevie on Stand Back!!!!! I love that she makes the effort to point out one of your moments to shine!!!! Take Care and Thanks for doing this - we really appreciate it!!!! (Jason, Atlanta, GA, USA) P.S. Thanks also to you for being so great to the fans. I have met you a couple of times and you really could not be a nicer guy - my hat is off to you sir!!!!

Yeah, it's fun playing Sara for sure. It's also one of the keyboard prominent songs, which always makes my job more fun. I really try to play the keyboard part as much like the record as possible. I think Christine played some amazing stuff on all those records and I'm not going to go try and change it. It's all part of making those songs come to life again now, and I'm happy you like what you hear.

Dear Brett,

Hope you're doing well and making the most of your time on this final leg of the tour. My name's Joe; maybe you remember me from the Brisbane and Sydney hotel lobbies. You, Taku, Sharon & Jana and everyone were just so generous with your time after the show, and so approachable. It made the whole Australian concert experience amazing and personal, and one I'll never forget. Here's hoping you'll be back eventually!

OK, I've taken up enough of your time, here's some quick questions. Feel free to 'pass' on them if you're not sure. Or phone a friend!

- What was that song you played in the Sydney hotel lobby on the piano for the Scottish wedding reception? They were all singing along and you were really going off, demonstrating those Brett Tuggle keyboard chops that we only get a sample of on stage during 'Don't Stop'. It was terrific! (Joe Grealy, Brisbane, Australia)

Wow, a lot of questions so let's have at it.

If memory serves I think the song I played in the Sydney hotel lobby was Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On by Jerry Lee Lewis. It just seemed right at the time.

Have you heard wind of any Lindsey or Stevie's next plans? I think I heard that Stevie will do a solo album to fulfil her contractual obligations, and Lindsey will finally release a solo album, if not just to get those old Gift of Screws songs out there, like my favourite - Down On Rodeo. Maybe you'll even tour with lindsey? He and you seem to have built up a good rapport since the whole tour started (going by that 'Destiny Rules' documentary and just seeing you guys rock out during I'm So Afraid! Since seeing it live I now think fo that song as 'the boys' song' - you, Mick, Taku and Lindsey, going all out!) (Joe Grealy, Brisbane, Australia)

As far as Stevie and Lindsey's next plans we shall see. Lindsey will probably release an album at some point. He's been in a very creative mode and is writing a lot of new stuff out here on the road. Stevie will no doubt do something as well, but I couldn't tell you because I don't really know at this time. It will all work out the ways it's supposed to is my feeling. Stay tuned...

Glad you feel the same way about So Afraid live as I do. I love playing that one on this tour.

Did Stevie or anyone ever mention anything to you about some limericks? In Brisbane I handed some little messages up to her at the end of the show, tied to a flower. There was one limerick for each member of the band. I saw her holding the flower, and could only imagine that she got to read them and passed them to the others, but maybe you could find out for me, or you remember it? (Joe Grealy, Brisbane, Australia)

Not sure about the Limericks thing in Brisbane. We had a great time in Australia, I want to go back soon.

Hi Brett,

Good of you to take the time to do this. I saw The Mac 6 times on their UK visit and loved every minute of it. My question is, how long before we hear any new music from either FM or Stevie solo? Send our regards to Stevie and wish her a belated Happy Birthday from 2 of her most devoted UK fans! Cheers. (Dave and Ian, Sunderland, UK)

Hi Dave and Ian,

As far as a new Fleetwood Mac album or new Stevie album we'll just have to wait and see at this point. I'd like to know myself now that you mention it. Rock on in the UK...

Having worked with both Steve Vai (During the David Lee Roth years) & Lindsey Buckingham what insight did you learn from both of these great guitarists that you have applied to your music and your life? (Brian j., Carnegie, Oklahoma)

I always learn something from everyone I work with and that goes for Steve Vai and Lindsey Buckingham. Both guitarist are very good in their own right and completely different in musical styles and as artists. I think they both share a lot of passion for their music and I feel honored to have played with both of them.

Me again, Brett. Hee. I was just wondering if you'd heard serious talk about Lindsey making a solo album after this tour is over? We are all DYING for one. :) Thanks for doing this Q&A at such a hectic time! (Christy, Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

As I have been saying, Lindsey will deliver some great songs again, but he's still doing Fleetwood Mac, so stay tuned....

Hello Brett and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions in the middle of your busy schedule.

I have two questions actually, the first one is concerning "Red Rover" that has been added to the setlist in the USA shows this year. Could you please tell me what instruments are being used when you play it live and who exactly are playing them? I still haven't figured it out myself in spite of reading the fan boards.

The second one is concerning Lindsey Buckingham's Soundstage solo performance at September last year. Since you were on stage playing with him I'd like to know which songs did you play on and what instruments did you use? I've understood from fans that you did some backing vocals in some of them as well. Hoping you all the best for the remainder of the tour. (Gaius, Finland)

Rover live is Lindsey on nylon guitar layered with a synth guitar that is triggered by a pick up on his nylon guitar, Mick on percussion, Taku on shaker and percussion, I'm playing some samples off the record which include everything from vocal effects to vibrato electric piano that make it sound like the record. Stevie, Neale and I are also singing on it as well which fills it out. The soundman also adds some effects to the vocals to make it sound weird. There is no bass on that one live so John gets a smoke break. It's all Lindsey really...

For the PBS special, I just played my trusty KORG keyboard and a Fender Statocaster guitar. That was a lot of fun. I can't wait to see it.

What is it like playing music with Lindsey Buckingham? I'll bet it has been quite an experience for you=:-) I saw you in DC a year ago and I will be seeing you again June 12. The DC show last year really rocked!!! (Vianna, Alexandria, VA, USA)

It's great playing with Lindsey....Glad you liked the show in DC last year...

Brett, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions we ask. It is appreciated!

Now that you have become the live Keyboard Player for Fleetwood Mac, how did you go about setting up your Keyboard Rig? What are you using on stage and how much sampled stuff are using? Did Lindsey (who I assume is the principle arranger) and the band allow you to pretty much play it as you feel it or were you under pressure to mimic Christine's parts?

Did you know this tour was going to turn out to be 130 dates? I imagine you are tired and along with band are looking forward to a nice long rest come Mid-July. (John, Massachusetts, USA)

I always approach every gig pretty much the same which, is when can I play my Hammond B3? (tee hee)

Seriously though, I just define what sounds are needed and go from there. When I play all the classic Mac songs from their catalog I know I'll need a Grand piano sound, a Rhodes piano sound, an organ sound and some vintage synth sounds. I learn the songs as close to the record as possible and don't stray a lot from that format. On the new songs I'm free to play more of what I want, because there really weren't a lot keyboard parts on the last album, although Sheryl Crow played on some of Stevie's songs and Christine played on Steal Your Heart Away. Playing guitar is also an option for me, so it helps to have that going for the band.

We knew in the beginning of rehearsals last year it could turn into a long tour, but no one could predict it being around 130 shows. It's all good...

First of all, it's very gracious of you to spare your time, especially during the tour, with us... Welcome back. OK, two quickies because I know your time is seriously limited. Firstly, just how impressed have yourself and the band been with the wide crossection of ages at the gigs? Seems to me, especially here in Europe that a large number of fans are younger than 30 (I'm 29!). Secondly, when the tour is over and everybody has had a loooonnnngggg vacation are there any plans for yourself and the band to continue the momentum with another project? (Justin, Manchester, UK)

Hi Justin,

It's great to see the various ages of fans out there. I think good bands transcend time and it's definitely true with this band. The songs are classics.

There is hopefully more in store for The Mac in the future; as I keep saying to everyone, "stay tuned"

Hi Brett..First off you are my favorite member of Fleetwood Mac's "backup band." I've seen this current Say You Will Tour 6 times, and it has been incredible. I wanted to say though it really does feel like you are a part of Fleetwood Mac to me now in a way. You are such an incredible piano player, and your personality really shines in the show.

My question is, in some strange way do you ever feel like a part of the band? You guys are up there doing some major parts in these songs for thousands of people, how do you feel about your role in their band? Also you may not know this answer, but could you share with us how Stevie's hip is doing? She mentioned in early 2003 she was having problems with it, did she ever get that corrected or is she still waiting for the tour to end or what? Thanks so much! (Chris McLeod, Locust Grove, GA, USA)

Thank you so much for the kind words.

First let me say that I am honored to play with these people. I feel my role in this band is a supportive one. As a "free agent" so to speak I get hired to play with different artists whose style can vary. The great thing about this gig for me is I worked with all of them on The Dance project, and I also play in Stevie's solo band, so we are like family in a way. Yeah, I sometimes feel like I'm in the band because when they tour I am in the band. Go figure?

We are all concerned about Stevie's hip. She is doing better and will continue to monitor it when she gets off the road. Thanks for your concerns...

Hi Brett! Got to see you with the Mac in the UK last November (three times, in fact). Loved the Hammond sound you were getting on a couple of the songs!

Being part of a Mac tribute band (in which my wife does Chris's parts), I'm curious to know how hard it was to replicate Chris' sounds and parts: did she give you any advice, or was it a case of listening to stuff from the Dance and picking out what she was doing? I had a fun chat with Mike (do I have the name right?) at Glasgow - one of the guys adding extra keys from offstage on your side: how do you divide those up? Are you basically playing what Chris would have, or what? (Mike Whitaker, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom)

Glad you liked the Hammond stuff. It's a special thing.

Having done the Dance with The Mac back in 1997 I was pretty familiar with what Christine played, having been there for the whole time working with her. It was fantastic by the way. She is a really good player and is releasing a new solo record, I hear. She came down to one of the shows at Earl's Court in London last year and it was really great to see her. I play all of the classic songs as close to the record as possible because that's what people want to hear. I love it!

Seeing you in the UK next time....

Hi Brett, Will you be playing the keyboards on the upcoming new studio albums by Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham and/or Stevie Nicks and do you have any idea when these are planned to be written and recorded? (Buckmacnicks, Venlo-Blerick, Limburg, The Netherlands)

There is no plan as of yet but I am hoping I will be a part of some of the creative process in the studio by The Mac or any of the members.

Hi Brett, Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions! I noticed when Lindsey is playing Red Rover towards the end of the song he seems to be glancing over several times to a monitor at his right on the floor - is he keeping time with something? He said in an interview last year that Red Rover was very difficult to play live and to time the 3 guitars. Here's Lindsey's quote from "Guitar One" magazine last year:

"and we’re working on "Red Rover" today - it’s interesting to do live. We’ve got three guitar players running through this vibrato on/off thing, and the on/off is toed into a specific click. And we have to play to that click or the timing’s all off, so we’re working it all out and it’s pretty trippy"

Can you give us a little insight into the evolution of the rehearsals for this song with the rest of the band members and how Lindsey managed to overcome the problems and play it live. It's a favorite for many Lindsey fans and we're thrilled it made it into the setlist! (Faith)

Hi Faith,

Red Rover was an interesting song to pull off live. Originally when the band started rehearsing last year we tried Rover but it wasn't quite right so we put it on hold. When Lindsey taped his PBS special last year he wanted to try it again so we worked on it in rehearsals. It's really came down to him getting comfortable playing and singing it at the same time. Repetition makes the master they say and it's amazing to watch him do it so well every night now. As far as him looking to the right, he's probably just looking at his floor monitors but I couldn't tell you for sure. Glad you like the live version.

Is there any chance you could get Stevie to put Silver Springs back in the set. I and many others REALLY miss it. And if it's too tough for her maybe the band could switch Stand Back and Silver Springs some nights. (Mickman, Buffalo, New York)

I miss playing Silver Springs a lot but right now she just needs a break from singing it until she gets completely over her vocal cords being swollen. It's her call but I hear ya...

Could you tell us what songs were rehearsed for the tour that didn't make into any of the shows this past year. (Mickman, Buffalo, New York)

Well, let's see...

Running Through The Garden
Destiny Rules
Don't Let Me Down Again
Monday Morning

There's probably more but I can't remember all of them at the moment.

What makes your heart beat a little faster? (Lady)

Too much caffeine before a gig...

Brett, I was so happy to read that you remember meeting Joe and Lux in Australia! I don't know if you'll remember this, but I really hope you do... One of the last nights in Sydney, Lux (the girl with the Tusk shirt? I think she said you two went off about the Beatles at some point) mentioned to you that she had a friend in the States who was unimaginably your biggest fan and her name was Kortni. I'm so thankful to be able to finally say that I'm Kortni and I have no doubt in my mind at all that I'm your biggest fan! :) It feels awesome, as a pianist myself for ten years now, to have someone I can look up to and say, "I want to be like him." Reading through your biography, I realized that we have so much in common (up to this point in my life, at least... I'm 18 and graduated high school two weeks ago), and even though my parents are trying to pressure me into becoming a teacher, music is and always has been my passion and I'm trying to find a way to pursue it for life. I was going through a really rough time last year, sort of a crisis on the lines of being a senior and wondering "what do I do with my life" combined with the uncertainty of facing the world alone after a very bitter breakup, and then I had the opportunity to see the Mac twice, both times from your side. I can't begin to describe what that did for me, but something really touched me and changed me both times. I saw how much you get into the music and how much you feel it and you made me realize that I can still feel and most of all, that it's okay to feel, even if it hurts. I went home and wrote a song about it, called "If No One Else Will"... and that whole experience, from seeing you up there doing what you're meant to do to having something I can sit down and play and sing for others, completely reaffirmed that I am born to be a musician; I couldn't change that if I tried. I want to say thank you for being that motivation for me to pursue my dreams, no matter how far fetched it may seem... because dreams do come true. One of the things I look forward to with all my heart is the Houston concert on the 17th -- I'll be out there cheering for you and I can't wait to feel motivated again to be a musician and to have a glimpse of what it's like to have all your hard work pay off; someday I hope to be doing what you do. One of my big problems is motivation; I get stuck in a rut with no idea what to do with my music or anything and then when I see something on TV or hear something (especially when I go to a concert), suddenly it hits me again and I feel driven to succeed. You've been on the road for a long time now; what keeps you motivated to keep going when things start to feel monotonous and endless, or when things just slow down for you... what drives you to keep going? I've got a few other (much more technical) questions I'll send in soon. (Kortni Wennihan, Pineville, LA, USA)

Once again, thank you, Brett, from the bottom of my heart... hopefully one day soon we'll cross paths. Take care and I'll see you in Houston.

Hi Kortni,

Let me just say that I am honored that you feel what I do. I feel lucky to have found music so young in my life and it has truly given me pure joy and happiness for which I am eternally grateful.

If you are going to play music would say to you-- use those personal experiences (good and bad) to put into your playing. Emotion is what music is all about. When you play music you draw on emotions as well as expertise. If you sit down at the piano you can actually create a song or sound that sounds like a storm, or play something that sounds happy like a parade. Your imagination, along with knowledge of your instrument, translate into real music. On a spiritual level to help you grow and see truths, I highly recommend the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It will enlighten anyone who reads it. Practicing these agreements helps keep me going day to day.

Good luck to you and I hope I can meet you one of these days...

Maybe I'm the only one who's noticed this, but I can't help but be curious... I've noticed in pictures from the different legs of the tour (specifically the first US legs, then the Australian leg, and now this one) that your keyboard setup has changed throughout the tour. Which ones have you switched up and why? Also, during the first half of this tour, I noticed you had a GEMM keyboard on top of your B3. I've never seen one of those before and I've had little luck in researching it; what makes it unique? (Kortni Wennihan, Pineville, LA, USA)

You're absolutely right. The keyboard rig has evolved and I'll clear that up for you now.

When we started rehearsals in February of last year I needed a keyboard rig that would cover all of the sounds from the past and also give me the ability to program and sample sounds from the Say You Will CD. As most of the fans know Christine played a grand piano on a lot of songs and I wanted to have that sound but we didn't want to carry a real grand piano so I found the GEM keyboard which has great grand piano and Rhodes electric piano sounds. The model is the Pro Mega 3 and it's made by a company called General Music in Italy. I originally had the GEM keyboard on top of the Hammond and then had a KORG TRITON 76 on the right of the organ facing the audience. I wasn't liking the action of the GEM as the tour went on, so I moved it offstage and am now playing those sounds via MIDI with a new KORG TRITON PRO 88 weighted action keyboard that feels a lot better to me. Things always seem to change as tours progress, but I still find the Hammond organ and my KORG TRITON to cover just about everything I need for the show. Glad to know people are paying attention out there.

Rock on,

Hi Brett!! So great of you to take some time to do this Q&A for the fans. We know how incredibly busy all of you are. I don't know how you find the time!! Please give my best to everyone in the band. I can't wait to see the show in Cleveland. It's a shame that Pittsburgh was cancelled in order to reschedule another show...that would have made four times seeing Fleetwood Mac in just over a year for me!! Ah well, there's always next tour, right!?! ;-) Two questions:

1. Name your top five favorite songs to play on this tour.

2. The band has traveled to many different places while touring in 2003 and 2004. What has been some of your favorite things that you have gotten to do on down-time during this tour (ie: days off, or mornings before sound checks, etc.)??

Thanks so much! All my best!! Keep rockin' hard!!!! *(Stephanie, Youngstown, OH, USA)

Top five eh? OK, that's hard because I love playing all of them but here goes...

Silver Springs
So Afraid
Sara/Gypsy (it's a tie)
Go Your Own Way

One memorable day, I remember we cruised around all afternoon on this beautiful yacht in Sydney harbor, just taking in the sights. Not a bad job playing with these guys, huh?

Here come the technical questions... Back in October of last year, my mom's birthday present to me was the Houston Mac show, which happened to fall on a weekday. I didn't have much trouble getting out of school (I'm one of the few Mac fans in my class and all my teachers were rather impressed), but I explained to all of my teachers that when I went to a concert, I didn't go merely for the experience; to me, this is "jobshadowing" as well because basically, I want to do what you do, and I'm incredibly thankful for the bird's eye view you gave me. I must admit that I'm a keyboard nerd -- I became one when I was 13 and started to play for graduation ceremonies and choir concerts at my school, but the problem I constantly had over the next few years was finding something to play on since I didn't have a keyboard of my own. At that point, I was basically looking for just piano sounds since that was what I needed the most, but my biggest problem was that whatever I ended up with had to be full size and have weighted keys (I'm all over the place when I play and for some reason the touch of the keys really throws me off if it's different than what I've practiced on), which was virtually impossible to find in something that, at 14, my parents would go along with as "reasonable" for what I was doing. I didn't find something I could handle in terms of both cost and weight until three years later when Yamaha released the DGX500, which is... what I was looking for, only about four years ago. I'm more into creating my own music now and should the opportunity arise, hopefully playing with other people, and I'm reminded of one of the first recommendations I got when I first started looking for a keyboard, which was the Korg Triton ProX (I believe this is one of the keyboards you play on stage)... at that time, even though I was just playing with grand piano sounds with some strings layered in occasionally, the notion was that even though I wouldn't initially be using all of what the Triton could do, I would grow into it and save myself from having to invest in another keyboard later on. I've never been able to actually sit down and play on a Triton, but based on what I'm sort of transitioning into now as a keyboardist who needs to be more flexible with what she can do, is that the avenue I should have taken rather than getting a keyboard with just the bare essentials? In that light, would you consider the Triton something I should still look into? (Kortni Wennihan, Pineville, LA, USA)

First let me just say that I think you should continue just playing the Yamaha you have invested in. I'm not familiar with that particular model but it probably will get you where you want to go, which is a better player. As long as the keyboard feels relatively good to you and has a reasonable amount of good sounds, you should be fine. At your age I would recommend that you concentrate more on learning the piano, and finding a good teacher to help you became a proficient player. Remember, repetition makes the master and your real skills will come from your hands and your creative mind rather than your gear. You can always upgrade to a more professional keyboard later. The good news is with technology these days, keyboards just get better and less expensive every year. Just keep playing and keep practicing. You'll be glad you did.

Brett, you said: "I always learn something from everyone I work with and that goes for Steve Vai and Lindsey Buckingham. Both guitarist are very good in their own right and completely different in musical styles and as artists. I think they both share a lot of passion for their music and I feel honored to have played with both of them."

I know they have distinctly different styles and genres, BUT who is technically better??? Vai, Satriani or Buckingham??? Who is faster on the scales etc??? Also, does Lindsey read music as I have heard that he does not??? I know that Vai and Sat read and write their own. (Joe Brozak, Chicago IL)

OK, technically I would say Steve is probably technically the best player, followed by Joe, and then Lindsey, but that is strictly from a technical standpoint. See, to me, while I am always amazed at people who have the discipline and work so hard to become masters of their instrument, I still get more turned on by the person who doesn't know all the technical aspects but has the heart and soul of the pure artist and pours his or her heart into their music. Lindsey doesn't read music and it doesn't matter that he can't-- he's just great at expressing himself on his guitar. I personally prefer that myself, but it's all good. Stevie and Joe don't sing or write lyrics. The point is there is no right and wrong in music, and no better or worse in players. It's all good if it's from the heart...

What guitars do you use? Does Lindsey still use any les paul's? What songs do you play guitar on live? (Dan, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA)

I use a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Telecaster for the electric's and I play Taylor acoustic guitars with the Mac live. I also play through a new Fender Concert amplifier and an SWR California Blonde for the acoustics. You can never have too many guitars or amps, in my opinion.

Lindsey pretty much always plays his handmade Turner electric guitars but plays a Strat on Tusk. Lindsey also plays Taylor and Gibson acoustics, and another nylon guitar that I don't know the make of. I'm sure he has an old Les Paul at home somewhere. He owns and plays a lot of different guitars when he's in the studio as he loves to explore different tones and sounds while recording. Rock on....

Brett, I don't have a question, I just want to say THANKS for taking the time to read and respond to the fan's questions. Sometimes famous musicians say "I probably wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the fans." Probably?? So it is great for someone to take time to acknowledge the fans and help us learn more about the music, the band, and the tour. Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of the tour. (Diane Baldwin, Fuquay-Varina, NC, USA)

Thank you Diane. I really appreciate it.

Hello again Brett. Can you describe to us what living on the road is like, day in, day out? Are there times when the crew and band chill out together or does everybody go their own way (sorry!) when you get a day off? Thanks. (Justin Bailey, Manchester, UK)

Hi Justin,

When we tour and travel on the road we live pretty much in our own world. The band (Stevie, Lindsey, Mick & John) and entourage (backing musicians, staff, tour management, etc.) all travel together on a private charter 737 jet and stay in some really nice hotels. The perks of this job are quite nice indeed. The crew travel separately in tour busses and stay in hotels close to the venue so they can get to the show to set everything up. We occasionally get to stay together but not often enough. We have a fantastic bunch of crew people and we couldn't do this show without them. I wish it was easier logistically to spend more days off with them, but it just doesn't work that way most of the time. Days off, everyone does their own thing and sometimes we get together and go out to dinner and sometimes people just go their own way. Hey, sounds like a song.

Thanks for taking time to do this. I have seen you with 8 times with Fleetwood Mac / Stevie and you are a great keyboardist. My question to you is are you guys done after these summer dates or are there going to be more dates added? Also i was wondering if you know how to play the accordion, and if so I was wondering why you did not play it on Tusk like Christine did. I thought it might have been fun to play the accordion during Tusk. (Michael McDonald, Toms River, New Jersey, USA)

I'm not sure about more dates being added at this time, but I've heard rumors that maybe some of the dates we just missed because of Stevie's throat may be re-scheduled at a later time. Honestly, I don't know yet, but I hope we do add a few more shows to the schedule.

Ah yes, the accordion. Funny thing is my first instrument when I was 6 years old was the accordion. I played it only for about 6 months, until my mom got a piano, then it was put away in the closet for the most part. Yes, you're right, Chris did play accordion on Tusk and it was great. This time around I am playing so much of the big brass band parts just like I did on the Dance tour, besides without Chris it is different-- she could pull that one off, whereas if I did it would seem kind of silly, I think. Things change as time and people change, but it's all good...

Hi Brett-Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. I went to the Today Show concert last year and the music sounded great live. When I got home I watched the taped and at the beginning of Go Your Own Way, Lindsey's guitar sounded out of tune. What do you think caused that? The cold outside temperature that day? Hey I'm waiting for you guys to come to Camden NJ!! (Gary, Vineland, NJ, USA)

I remember doing that show because we flew all the way to New York City and had to get up at 4 AM to go to the Today Show. I think Lindsey's guitar was so out of tune because of the cold weather that morning. Guitar strings are very sensitive to temperature changes and that particular morning was freezing. Hope to see you in Camden NJ or Philly sometime again.

Hi Brett - I see my husband already got here :) A quick question - the wierd 'bow ba ba ba ba bow' sample at the end of the chorus in Peacekeeper? I'm assuming that's triggered off a synth, but do you know how it was created originally? Is it just a treated voice? (Anne Whitaker, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom)

We just sampled that vocal part off the Peacekeeper multi track tapes, so it is Lindsey's voice from the record. It is digitally sampled into a keyboard and triggered or played back in realtime with that keyboard. I have a tech on my side of the stage that helps do all of that technical stuff and it helps to make Peacekeeper sound like the record for the live show.

Hi Brett, Do you know if there are any plans on touring South America? (Juan Antonio García, Santiago, Chile)

No plans to get to South America that I know about, but I would love to come down there to do a gig sometime. I hear it's a beautiful place.

Hello again Brett: What was your feeling the first time you heard your David Lee Roth era hit song "Just Like Paradise" on the radio? Did you think it would be as big of a hit as it was when it was recorded? Thanks... (Brian j., Carnegie, OK, USA)

As a musican and a songwriter it is always really exciting to hear one of your songs on the radio. I had no idea it be a hit song but I'm happy about the way it worked out. Dave was always great about sharing the songwriting. I had some amazing times with that band.

Greetings Brett,

Great to interact with one of the best in the biz, thanks for taking the time. Was it difficult to funtion as a band with a film crew (for DESTINY RULES) hanging around all the time? Did it ever interfere with the rehearsals in any way? Any special memories from the rehearsals for this leg?

Thanks so much. (Todd Richards, host "Fleetwood Mac Marathon 2004", Cleveland, OH, USA)

Hi Todd,

The camera crew just became part of the back drop in rehearsals. After a few days I didn't really notice them anymore. There were very professional and stayed out of the way when we were working. I haven't seen the documentary yet, but I hear it's good.

Nothing too memorable to report from the most recent rehearsals other than we did try playing Monday Morning one time and worked up Destiny Rules & Don't Let Me Down Again which I am sorry didn't survive the cut this time.

Hey Brett! Nice to see you back on tour with the Mac, you seem to always have a lot of fun onstage and the audience can tell.

My question is, do you know why Running Through the Garden was dropped after the first show of the current tour? And, if you could pick one song from the Say You Will album to play live that hasn't already been played, which would you choose? I'm still shocked that Everybody Finds Out isn't in the setlist! (dissention, MA, USA)

You are right. I do have a lot of fun with The Mac onstage and I'm glad people can see that.

Running Through The Garden was dropped because Stevie had to make some tough choices about which new songs of hers to do off the new album, and the show was getting a little long. I'm sure fans wouldn't mind hearing more but if the show gets too long it wears everybody out, and that is no good.

I always wished we would play Steal Your Heart Away live but it hasn't happened yet...

What has been your fondest memory from this tour? Also all us stevie fans are dying to know what she is really like in person. Thanks so much for taking time to do this it means a lot! Rock on Mac and Stevie! (Jessica, Texas, USA)

Honestly, I haven't really thought about it but I'll give it some thought and add it later to this Q & A. So much of the past year has been just amazing on a lot of levels, no one thing sticks out to me right now. I'm sure when this tour is over I'll have time to reflect back on my fondest memories but right now I'm still making memories.

Stevie is just a gracious and sweet in person as she is on stage. A truly lovely person.

Have you ran into any celebrities backstage on this tour or the dance tour, or any of your tours with Stevie. I'm curious to know what kind of people have visited back stage (other than the obvious Sheryl Crow) .Thanks again. (Chris M., Locust Grove, GA, USA)

Oh yes, I have seen some fabulous celebrities at some of the shows especially in Los Angeles and New York City. Thinking back on this tour... when we played at The Staples Center in LA I remember talking with Pierce Bronson who is a friend of Stevie's and seeing Brooke Shields other various film and TV celebrities backstage. Then you have the musical community that comes to see the band and say hello which is always fun. Fleetwood Mac fans come from all walks of life, it's pretty cool.

As the keyboardist for the band, maybe you can answer a question that has bugged me for quite a few years? When I first heard the opening chords to "Silver Springs" on 'The Dance,' I thought it was the beginning of "Wish You Were Here." Who arranged the live incarnation of SS, and am I crazy or can you hear it too? (Mariel, Upstate NY, USA)

I know exactly whet you mean about songs reminding you of other songs. The only way I can explain it is that musical phrases sometimes have a way of coming back to repeat themselves when artists write songs. For example, if you listen to the main guitar riff of Lindsey's in "Big Love" that riff is implied in other songs he has written. Not exactly the same note for note but definitely similar phrasing is obvious at times.

The live version we do now of Silver Springs (or used to do until a couple of weeks ago) is the arrangement that we played for The Dance album and tour. The piano stuff is all Christine. I really like playing that song live and I personally love that arrangement. Hopefully we'll do it again soon.

Hi Brett! Thank you for taking the time out to answer some of these questions. I wanted to know if during the rehearsals did the band think about putting "Sisters Of the Moon" back into the set list? What was Stevie's reponse to this not being played? Or the whole band? Thank you. (Lisa Appleby, Pottsville, PA, USA)

Hi Lisa,

I don't remember that song coming up in rehearsals this last tour so I can't really comment on that one. There are so many great songs but we can't do them all unfortunately, and some songs don't translate live as well as others. Glad Sara is back though.

Hi, Brett...

I was there on that cold, cold morning last April when you guys kicked off the summer series of the Today show! Spirits were high, tushies were frozen, and it was a great start to a tour that played to packed arenas. This year, you are ending the tour with smaller (?) outdoor venues. Which do you prefer and why? And do you find a difference in the level of band enthusiasm when a tour has gone on for more than a year? (Personally, if you guys want to tag on another five or six years to this tour--I'll be there!) Thanks! (Regina, Bronx, NY, USA)

So you were there that cold morning in New York eh? Well done...

I personally like the arena shows the best. I think this band and this production translate a little better in an arena, but the outdoor sheds do have their own vibe and are good.

To my knowledge the thinking this year was to do something different from what we did last year, but there is a serious business side to all of this touring and the managers work it all out, and the band has final say- so on what they ultimately do.

The upside to a long tour is the band is very tight musically, but people do get tired and everybody needs a break from the traveling and each other after a while. Thanks for all of your support.

Hi Brett! Thank you for taking the time. I look forward to seeing you again in Dallas on June 16th! Sure wish you would let me buy you a Margarita at Joe T Garcia's when you are in town!

Anyway on with my question. I was wondering if the band ever fooled around during the long rehearsals sessions (before the tours) with other artist songs? In other words, if we were a fly on the wall, what kind of crazy stuff might we find y'all playing during a down moment? I know it may not be the whole group thing, but it would be such a thrill to see Lindsey start playing Led Zepplin or something like that (I could just see Lindsey with a big grin on his face playing the lead-in to Stairway!!). And I am sure that you never instigate such foolishness? Or is it taboo to play anything other than Mac stuff during a warm up or a down time. I noticed on some recent video that you are someone else would be picking a guitar and the others were just happily singing along..... Let us know about these sorts of things. Welcome back to Texas! (Phillip Greene, Burleson, TX, USA)

I love Joe T's in Fort Worth. As a matter of fact I went there last year when we played in Dallas on a night off. It was fantastic!

Good question by the way. Oh yeah, we goof around on other songs at times for sure. We've been known to jam on everything from Dylan, Beatles, Zeppelin or Stevie to sing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' at a rehearsal. Stuff like that is usually spontaneous but we do have fun remembering our favorite songs from the past. Mick and John are huge blues fans so we also lay down some blues grooves at rehearsals or sound check when the moment strikes. We have all been inspired by so many great artists and bands before us. It's only natural to go there somtimes. See you in Dallas...

I see Anne beat me to the computer today - she's the keys player, I'm just the equipment geek (and guitarist).

What's your view on the Hammond clones out there (Roland VK series, Korg CX3, etc)? Would you gig with one? (I'm assuming from what we saw on stage that's the real thing you're using - which model?) (Mike Whitaker, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom)

I'm playing a 1957 Hammond B3 on stage and run it through two Leslie model 122 speaker cabinets. It is one of my favorite things to play in this world. It's such a great instrument with guitars and it fits into so many songs naturally. It's such an organic instrument.

I have heard some of the clones and they aren't bad really. I think I would use one on a small gig if I couldn't use my real B3, but I would want to run it through a real Leslie cabibet if I could because it would make it sound more realistic. Rock on...

My question is actually in reference to Mindy Stein. I'm aware that she left the SYW tour in September to begin a family with her husband. Do you know if she will be returning as a staff member at the Los Angeles Music Academy and will we finally get an album out of her? Thanks again for your time!! (Marissa, West Deptford, NJ, USA)

Mindy has indeed started a family and we are all very happy for her. She came down to rehearsals for this leg of the tour in LA and brought her baby son Luke with her so we could all meet him. She is doing great and seems to be happy. I don't really know what her plans are in regards to the Music Academy or what her recording plans are but we wish her the best and we miss her very much.

Brett, I was briefly able to have a chat with you in the hotel lobby in Sydney (I'm Lux, the girl who was permanently fitted in a Tusk shirt and who frequently screamed for Lindsey). You were talking about The Beatles and how they were a huge influence on you. Is there any particular album or song that initially caught your attention. Are you more of a Lennon or McCartney person? Perhaps you're a George person, although Ringo is less likely. Is it 'Hey Bulldog' that you are a big fan of, in particular the opening riff? Lennon's music is all I cared for (in life generally) until I heard Lindsey, then Lennon was forced to share the throne. Gift of Screws is now my favourite album, a rather monumental stunt considering it doesn't even exist. My favourite is Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind, which to me resembles a perfected version of what much of the solo Lennon sound was aiming for. I'm keen to know about the live arrangment and if it was well received. What were you playing in particular? It must be such a thrill to be able to play alongside Lindsey, so much so that I'm regretting not being born as yourself.

Incidently, I doubt you'll remember, but you said you would play Hey Bulldog next time you saw me. A tricky maneuver on your part as it's unlikely I'll ever met you again. Anyway, whether or not you remember me, thankyou all the same. It was very gracious of you to sit and chat with me (and suppress the urge to run away in a disturbed state). Thanks for your time. (Lux, Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Hi Lux,

I do remember talking with you after one of the Sydney shows. Yes, The Beatles were a huge influence on me and probably are responsible for me wanting to play in a band, although I had already been playing piano for six years before I heard a note of their music. Their lyrics, melodies and sound totally drew me into a world that excited me and I couldn't really grasp it all, but I knew it hit a distinctive chord in me that changed me forever. Every album they put out took me on a new journey and to me, and most of us at that time, they became gods. People ask me all the time if I was stranded on a desert island with only one Beatle album which one would it be and I think I'd have to say Revolver, but I'm glad I don't have to make that choice. I loved Rubber Soul a lot and The White Album is just freakin' awesome! and Abbey Road... well forget about it, it's a masterpiece! In the beginning I think I was a little more of a Paul fan; then I became Lennon-ized and believe he was my overall favorite because he set the tone, and his songs just got me. George was inspirational in a spiritual sort of way but he wasn't the songwriter John & Paul were until the later albums. I could go on but I think you get it....

If I see you again and there's a piano around I'll play Hey Bulldog for you. I love that one, it's so John. I know what you mean about Someone's Gonna Change Your Mind. Great song....



Thank you Brett and the band for 2 awesome shows in Brisbane this year.  I've been a mac fan for 27 years and even tho I have seen them before, this lineup was incredible, the best time I've ever had in my life.  My question is, what do you think about people taking photos at the concerts?  Is it the band or the venue that says no cameras? I had my camera at the Brisbane concert and Lindsey was right in front of me; he stopped at one point and looked right into the camera so I could get a shot.  These pictures are priceless to me and I've shared them with a lot of people in the fansites.  What is your opinion on this subject?  Do you also think that Fleetwood Mac might come back to Australia again some day ? Thank you once again for an awesome night. (Harry, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Harry,

Glad you enjoyed the shows.

I think the 'no camera' thing is targeted at people who come with the big professional cameras and lenses to sell to publications for money. No artist likes to see bad pictures published in magazines of themselves. But as far as the fan with the little camera taking shots of people on stage, I have no problem with that. I think that is what coming to a show is all about. You want to take something with you from the show that you remember from the night and share it with your friends. Keep snapping those shots I say, just don't get caught...

Hi again, Brett! What do you and the band like to do during any downtime before the shows? Any jam sessions going on? Hee! Also, is it weird for you and the band to see so many people in the front row who go to multiple shows? My count after next week will be 8. Haha! I'll be at the two Texas shows! Can't wait! (Christy, Ft. Worth, TX, USA)

Well, before a show we always do a sound check to check the sound on stage for the band and for the sound man out in front who mixes the show overnight. It's critical to play a couple of songs for him so he can dial in the sound before we start. We always play a few songs at sound check and I'm going to tell you what they are. First song we play at sound check is Dreams, then we play The Chain, and then most everyone else leaves the stage and Lindsey plays about half of Big Love and that's it. After that, we have dinner backstage and then get dressed for their show. We get a kick out of seeing people who come to a lot of shows. We know they make a huge effort to do it and we appreciate it. Keep coming please...

Thanks for taking time out of the tour to do this Q&A. I sat near you at Lindsey's PBS show taping in Chicago and during his impromtu encore, I yelled out "Save Me a Place" and he looked over at you and said what the main chords were and then all of a sudden, you all played the song seamlessly...thank you for making one of my favorite songs (that hasn't been done live in so long) come alive again.

You mentioned Lindsey may be working on some solo stuff. Have you both spoken about working with him on the record? Would you tour with Lindsey if he decided to do a solo tour? And here's my final question...if there was one Stevie Nicks solo song you could play live with her (that she didn't do on her Enchanted and Trouble in Shangri La) tours which one would it be? (Naomi, New York City, NY, USA)

I would love to do a tour with Lindsey at some point. I really enjoying playing music with him and I hope that we have a chance to work together in some capacity. I think there is a very good chance of that happening, we just have to wait to see where the chips fall, so stay tuned......

One Stevie song I always wanted to do with her was Needles and Pins by the Searchers. She did a version with Tom Petty that was awesome!!! Maybe someday...

Hey there Brett, Thanks for doing this. I just want to say that I have been to many shows in the US this past year and we have crossed paths a few times. I just want to say that you are always so nice and friendly.

I just picked up that book The Four Agreements that you had recommended in an earlier post. I also found another book by the same author that seemed to hit home for me. I just wanted to say thank you. I was into metaphysical studies a few years back and I am always looking for something new. My question is what other spiritual or metaphysical practices are you interested in? Do you have any other books to recommend? Also, without getting too personal what kind of spiritual practices are some of the band members into? (Patricia, Providence, RI, USA)

Hi Patty,

I'm so happy you picked up the Four Agreements by Don Miguiel Ruiz and I highly recommend his other books as well. The Mastery of Love is unbelievable, and his newest book The Voice Of Knowledge may be his best yet. You owe it to yourself to read of all them. They will change your life if you will just accept what he is saying, open up and start to practice the four agreements. It will absolutely change your life for the better, and you will learn you don't need to be afraid in life anymore. That who you are is perfect. After reading the book or books, let me know how it impacts you and what you think of this method of inner peace. I love to turn people on to these beautiful little wisdom books. They're beyond amazing.....

Everybody else in the band is sort of on the same wavelink but there is not set spiritual ideology being practiced by the band, I mean we don't have a guru or anything like that. But the band is always looking for answers and find things like the Four Agreements helps us to find the truth in our own lives. It's all good....

And you thought we were just a crazy bunch of musicians...

I know the band must have a struggle choosing the songs that are on the set list in that that they don't want to play too much unfamiliar stuff and yet want to keep fans happy with familiar tunes. But...I have two questions: Have you ever heard them discuss performing Thrown Down during the tour? It's such a standout track on the CD and I was so looking forward to hearing it live. Do you have any thoughts as to why they decided not to include it? If you can, please pass along to the band that everyone that I know that has this CD just loves this song-perfect combo of great Stevie lyrics and Lindsey's guitar work. To me it seems like a FM classic that will need to be resurrected in 20 years like Silver Springs was. (Liz, Forestville, CT, USA)

The songs the band decides to do live is something I don't really totally understand, other than the fact that we feel we have to play some of the hits everyone knows. People want to hear the band play those hit songs live, which I can understand, but it would be cool to do some of the other less obvious songs sometimes. What I do see are certain songs from their past that are always going to get played, for example. These songs pretty much have to be in the set:

Go Your Own Way
Gold Dust Woman
Gypsy or Sara
Never Going Back Again
Don't Stop
(and more but I'm tired)

And then you have the inter-changeable newer songs, Peacekeeper, Say You Will, Say Goodbye To You, Red Rover, Good-bye Baby, etc. I think it would be great if the fans wrote into the website and requested the songs they'd most like to hear on the next tour, and the band would get a good feel for what the audience really would like to hear. Maybe we can make that happen before the next tour. It may be worth a try...

Thank you for the kind words too. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for doing this Q & A, have you heard Christine's new solo album 'In The Meantime' and what do you think of it? Also do you know what the members of Fleetwood Mac think of the record. Thanks. (Neil, Surrey, UK)

I haven't heard Christines new album yet, and I don't know if the others have heard it either, but I can't wait to hear it. She is so talented and we wish her the best. Hopefully we'll get to hear it soon.

This may be more of a comment than a question, but I wonder why the band isn't more (or appears to not be) aggressive in playing their new material? I realize that Mick, Stevie and maybe the rest believe, through their experiences in the '70's that "hitting people up with a lot of new material" was too much for audiences back then, but I think there are a ton of variables to factor in and thus, reconsidering this would be beneficial to the band. I don't claim to be a marketing guru or anything of the like, but to me, it would be strategic for the band to take time to introduce new songs, tell the audience the inspiration behind them, or the story that is being told through the song, or just an anecdote about the recording of the song- it would give us a chance to really engage us, connect to the song, other than just musically, and maximize the potential of more sales of the new album. no? I mean, if the goal of the Say You Will tour is to promote said album, than I hope the band gives the audiences more than just a few shows to get used to a new song, and with the strategy of telling the stories or taking time to introduce the song, etc... that they could become new crowd favorites. I realize that it must be balanced with "hits" but even that sometimes doesn't seem to be varied enough. (Jorge, Rolling Meadows, IL, USA)

You bring up a very valid point. Mixing the old and the new and, as you say, introduce a new song and tell a little story and engage people by telling them what the song is about. Bring people into the new stuff so you can market the new CD and get it out there. More people may actually go out and buy the record if you can pull them in to what you are working on now. Push the new stuff and still give them the classic old songs that they love. Good point and we will work on it.

Again thanks for the great opportunity to pick your brain. I saw the show other night in Hartford. You play some really nice parts on Sara that gave the song a nice full and evolving sound live. Great job! Also Red Rover really works live!

Lindsey produces the albums, now he engineers, he is the principle arranger, etc.,etc. Is he really a meglomanic or is he accessible and open to suggestions? He seems to be far more at ease then when I have seen him in the past and smiles a lot more. Have you noticed a mellowing of Lindsey? (except of course in his stage antics which seem crazier than ever) Do you have any concrete plans for after the tour winds up in July? Do you get to take the Hammond home with you? (John, Massachusetts, USA)

You're right, Lindsey is more at ease now. There is a mellower Lindsey but the old intense Lindsey is still there as well. No question about it. It is a good balance now and he is awesome to work with. I hope to do more with him in the future.

I have no plans when this tour ends, but I have been getting offers to do various projects coming up. I'm just letting the dust settle. I'm also going to go home and take a break and listen to my Ray Charles collection. I'm sorry he is gone. He will be deeply missed.

Brett says about David Lee Roth and Vai band: "I had some amazing times with that band." Tell us about those Brett, Dave LR has quite the reputation as a "ladies man." Was that a fringe benefit of that tour and if so, is it also on the Say You Will Tour??? (Joe Brozak, Chicago, IL, USA)

Well, Diamond Dave always threw a great party every night after the show so you can imagine how much fun that was. As a matter of fact, when we finished a show it was all about the party. Dave was great though, it was like living on a pirate ship and Dave was Captain Bly. Good fun days and an awesome band.

The Say You Will Tour is a completely different vibe. Although we have our fun moments it's not wild and crazy like it used to be. We have to feel good onstage now, and as we're getting older we find we can't party every night like we used to and then get up and do a good show. It's all about balance and being healthy now, although a little party in moderation is still a good thing right?

Meet you at the bar later. oooops. I mean juice bar.... tee hee...

Hi Brett! It's been great reading your in-depth responses to everyone's questions so far! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I feel really silly asking the questions I'm about to ask since they're not as much of a musical nature, but there has been much speculation and rumor among some fans about the tour: namely, some people think that recently, Stevie and Lindsey have begun fighting a lot, or there has been some tension recently? (Joan G., St. Charles, IL, USA)

There is always tension between Stevie and Lindsey. That's what makes all of those songs and performances on stage so amazing. Tension can make for some amazing music sometimes.

They go back and forth on certain days, but they are both very committed to finishing this project that started when they began making the Say You Will CD. There is obviously a lot of history here as well. If you think about it, it's pretty amazing they can still get back together and do this. The good news is there is so much more in them if they decide to do something again, which at some point down the road they probably will.

Do you have any Les Paul's? Doesn't Lindsey play a Les Paul on the Say You Will album? It sounds like it. I thought for Rumours and Tusk he played a Les Paul. Have you ever tried the Roland VG-8 Processor? That's what Lindsey used instead of amps for the new album. Doesn't LB Play a Taylor 814ce acoustic guitar? What kind is your Taylor? Have you ever see him use a pick? Have you ever played his Rick Turner? Sorry for all the questions Brett, but I'm starting a band and Fleetwood Mac and you are my Inspiration. I play guitar and keyboards. I use mostly Les Paul guitars, travis picking style. (Jerry, New York, New York, USA)

Whoa, you have a lot of musical instrument questions...

I don't own a Les Paul anymore. Great sounding guitars though. The humbucking pickups have a distinct sound. Lindsey played a white Les Paul back in the day on a lot of songs. He did use a Roland VG8 on a lot of stuff on the new album, but certainly not every song. We both have model 814 Taylor's (I think) and I have never seen him use a pick.

It's good to remember that it's not the equipment that makes you good, it's your heart and hands. Now go out there and make some music. Good luck...

Hello Brett! Do you know how the Tusk dance got started and what's the funniest thing that happened during the tour? Thanks. (Pattie)

I guess your referring to Lindsey's dance during the percussion solo. I really don't know how it started but it's just one of those things that evolved this tour.

Funniest thing-- probably Mick going off on his vest in a language none of us could understand during his vest bit on World Turning. He's so funny some nights....

Hi Brett-- Do you keep in touch with any of the people you used to play with? David Lee Roth, Rick Springfield, Chris Isaak, etc. I have seen you play with Rick, Chris, Stevie and FM so perhaps I am a Brett Tuggle groupie......Anyway, you do a great job! Did you hear Rick's new album? It is quite a departure. Do you, Neale, Carlos, Lindsey, John and the rest of the band ever get to just cut loose and jam a little bit in rehersal or at soundcheck? What are some of your interests outside of music. Reading, sports, etc.? In case no one has told you, you have developed a real nice touch on the Hammond Organ. I saw Steve Winwood last year and it was amazing to watch him play all these great organ parts and at the same time play all the bass lines on this one magnificent instrument with a bunch of Leslie's. You are getting there! (Samantha, Massachusetts, USA)

Thanks for the kind words. I am huge Stevie Winwood fan.

It's hard to keep in touch with everyone from all the past bands, but I think it's just everybody gets so scattered and goes on. That is life. Isaak came down to rehearsals in April and I did some session stuff for Dave Roth last year just before the Dave and Sammy tour. Haven't seen Rick in a couple of years though. I want to pick up his new CD. He is a very talented guy.

As I've mentioned before, we jam occasionally at a sound check or rehearsal, I think everybody does.

Hi-- Can you tell us what kind of party games Christine liked to play? Also do you know why Chris did not go on with the Mac in England?   Thanks. (Belle, Hobart, Tas, Australia)

Chris loved playing games at the hotels after shows. She was fond of charades and the 'pass it on' whisper game whatever that's called. She just wanted to retire from touring and had had enough. Simple as that.

Hi Brett! I think you are wonderful! I have admired you for awhile. My question is...ARE YOU MARRIED or DATING anyone? You are so damn hot! :) (Dreaming Always, New York, USA)

Ahhh shucks. You're kind of nice yourself. I have a family at home and I'm a very lucky man indeed. But hey, Neale and Carlos are unattached....

Hello again, Brett!! Are we wearing you out yet??? Hahaha! I wondered if I could pick your brain a little bit about Christine. We know that while you all were playing over in England, Chris attended one of the shows. I was a little bit surprised to learn that she did not join all of you onstage for even one or two songs, but decided to remain just part of the audience. Any insights you can offer us into that? Was Christine playing considered by anyone? Was the offer extended to her at all? Did she decline? Did the band not even suggest it? This definitely isn't an unheard of thing with other artists...heck, Lindsey himself joined them on stage after he left the band in the 1980's. I'm sure that with a musician like Christine McVie, it wouldn't matter that she hasn't rehearsed these songs with the band in quite a while...she could probably get up there and rock, and it would seem like just yesterday for her!!!! I imagine the fans would have gone just a little crazy at seeing that happen too!!

Also, did she and the band get to spend time together, catching up.....any discussions between them about the Say You Will cd or about Christine's new cd that she's got coming out??? Can you share anything with us?? In case you can't tell, there's many of us who would just love to be a little fly on the wall, catching all the behind the scenes goings-on, the stuff that doesn't happen on the stage, that we're not able to experience. Well, I thank you for anything you can share with us about the Mac's trip to England, where former bandmate Christine now permanently resides!! (Stephanie, Youngstown, OH, USA)

We were all excited to see Christine in London last year. She looked great, seems happy and it was nice she came down to the gig. She was asked by the band if she would sit in and do a song but she graciously declined. I think she just wanted to see everyone and be supportive without making a fuss about getting up on stage. She is such a class act and she is welcome to join in anytime she wants. It's always been her call and I respect that. Can't wait to hear her new CD. I have no word on that.

What's your favorite Stevie solo song and what's your favorite Stevie FM song to play on? If you could pick one Stevie solo song to add to Fleetwood Mac's setlist, which would you pick and why? (Mike Sarzo, Glenn Dale, MD, USA)

I have two favorite Stevie solo songs and they are Edge Of Seventeen and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?

Fave Mac Stevie, is probably Gypsy and if I could pick one we don't play now, it would be Silver Springs now that we don't do it anymore. Why, because they're all great songs.

I was fortunate enough to see The Mac on the UK leg of the tour 5 times......London was really fun, meeting up with you guys after one of the shows was great. So for my questions well....The Say You will tour has been going for some time now, has it been a gruelling tour and if so who out of everyone has found it the hardest? Out of all the artists that you have worked with, who makes your Top 5 of faves to work with? Thanks so much for your time to answer the fans questions-- Kindest Regards to All of you. (Louise Beard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK)

Well, nothing about this past year with The Mac has been grueling. Yeah, we've all gotten a little run down from the constant moving around, but it doesn't really get any better than this. The only problem worthy of mention was when Stevie recently got a little under the weather but everyone has held up nicely, thank you.

Top 5 fav artists I've worked with:
The Mac

Love the one you're with...

Hi Brett:  First and most importantly, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this. We're really enjoying the shows, love seeing your familiar face and having lots of fun watching the band interaction on stage. You guys ROCK so much it's not even funny... :-) I wanted to ask for your comments, comparisons and observations on the following:

- What was it like for you and the others on tour with TISL during 9/11
- The Dance vs. SYW tours

Lastly, what are your plans for when the tour is over, and would you describe what it's like when you're packing it in on the last show of a long tour like this. (Laura, Portland, OR, USA)

Glad you're enjoying the shows and glad you can tell that we do, too. The 9/11 experience was so heavy!!!! Being there the day after was so surreal. As most of her fans know, she was there in mid town when the terrible event took place. It changed us forever.

Comparing tours is a tough one because they each have their own pace, chemistry, vibe, etc. A Stevie solo tour is different from a Mac tour for the obvious reason that Lindsey, Mick & John aren't there so all of the pressure is on Stevie. She has to sing every song and doesn't really get a break. I enjoy both environments but the Say You Will Tour has been just incredible and I've enjoyed being a part of it. The Dance was also an amazing experience, and working with Christine was fantastic. I don't want to talk too much about what I'm going to do next because we still have a lot shows to do, so I want to live in the present moment and not think about the past or the future every minute. I want to enjoy now!

Mr. Tuggle, Have you heard DAVE DAVIES latest studio album BUG and if so what do you think of it?... Also have you or anyone else in THE Mac ever wanted to work with him on a project, studio or live? Thanx! for your time Brett... Take care (James, Perth, W.A., Australia)

I'm not familiar with Dave Davies so I'll keep my ears open. Ray Davies from the Kinks, Yes. There are a lot of artists I don't know about, so don't take it personally please...

Hi Brett. What is your gut feeling; is this the "last" Fleetwood Mac tour? (Brandon Jones, Orlando, FL, USA)

I really don't think so. I think the band will come back for more, but I don't know when. Let's hope...

If you could choose any of Lindsey's solo songs to add to the set list (not to replace anything, but to do in addition to what's already there), what would you pick? I love everything from Out of the Cradle, so my pick would most definitely be from there - probably either Don't Look Down, Soul Drifter or Surrender the Rain. Thanks and take care! (Elizabeth Mabery, Demarest, NJ, USA)

I would love to play Someone's Gonna Change Your Mind which is not on an album yet, and also Gift Of Screws and Rodeo...

Hi Brett! Thanks again so much for doing this and thanks for the wonderful pictures. My question is, what musical artists are you yourself a fan of? What do you like to listen to? Also, could you tell us who some of our other favorite band members like to listen to? Hope to see you all again at the last show (wherever that ends up being). (Chris, Denver, CO, USA)

I love a lot of different music and artists. I'm a huge blues fan so I listen to a lot of blues music in my room. Ray Charles was a huge influence on me and I'm sorry he is gone now. As far as more modern bands, I love The Foo Fighters. Great stuff.. Couldn't tell you what everybody else likes but variety is the spice of life...

Brett, Again, thanks so much for doing this. You all must be so tired after one of these shows=:-)

I saw the Hershey Park show last night and it was fabulous! "Sara" blew me away! I saw you playing on the big screen. I yelled "Thank you" to Stevie for doing "Sara" after the song but I am sure she doesn't hear anything but the screaming, so I hope you will tell her how happy she has made us "Sara" fans by doing the song. "Sara" is the song that made me a Fleetwood Mac fanatic. I didn't see the Tusk tour though, because my mother was sick at the time and I was working two jobs to support us and the cost of her treatment. So I missed "Sara" live the first time around. Oh, I told the people around me about what a great keyboardist you were-they wanted to know who had replaced Chris. Now my questions:

At the beginning of the show you know there's that crickets sound. Who is making that? Is it Mick? You can't see anybody up on stage at that point. Is it a tape or is Mick hiding back there somewhere?

Lindsey seems to have a new guitar I haven't seen before. It's an acoustic I think and it has a red patch on it. I know what the Turner One looks like and I've seen that white one before and the Renaissance R-6. This one is definitely new addition since last year. What kind is it?

Last night Lindsey was really going through the guitars -- swinging them around and stuff! Must be hard on the guitar. How many does he have with him for the show?

Do you have a different keyboard set-up than last year in May? It looks like you do, but it might have been that I couldn't see as well last year. You all take care of yourselves=:-) We love you! (Vianna, Alexandria, VA, USA)

The crickets at the top of the show are pre-recorded and serve as notice that the band is coming to the stage. I love the sound myself...

I do not know the make or model of the guitar you mentioned, but now that I think about it I'd like to know myself. It's a nylon string guitar with a pickup on it, I just don't know what kind.

Lindsey's guitar tech always cringes over there watching him throw those guitars around. He seems to enjoy doing it though,, and who's going to stop him?

Keyboard set up is a little different this leg. I have the B3 and TRITON PRO 88 only onstage. Everything else has been moved off stage. Things are always changing.

Hi Brett, I have seen Fleetwood Mac a few times on this tour, and I always have a great time reading Cory's tour journals. I was wondering if the band got to read those as well. Also.. just for a little humour, whats the most embarassing thing that has happened to the band on the tour? Thanks so much, and I hope you decide to come back to Detroit! (Sara, Detroit, MI, USA)

I personally haven't read any of her journals but will make an effort to do so soon.

The most embarrassing thing on stage is when we mess up an arrangement to a song and we don't know how to get back to the right part of the song. Also when a guitar or a keyboard doesn't work right so we have to stop the song until one of our techs can fix it. Stevie has forgotten lyrics before, which can be embarrassing, but the audience seems to really understand when things happen--  it makes all of them look human and they recover from the moment and move on. It's real people playing real music. Shit happens, as they say...

Brett, thank you so much for your answers! I thought about asking this earlier, then I thought it was just me, but then you mentioned how the action of the GEM keyboard bothered you and I realized maybe I'm not crazy. One thing that has always bugged me about keyboards is how different they feel to play and when I first started looking into getting a keyboard, I was playing almost strictly piano parts and I practiced on an acoustic piano, so it bothered me to play on a keyboard that didn't have weighted keys or a pedal. Around this same time, I was playing on all sorts of different pianos, from mine at home to a Clavinova at school and then maybe another for graduation... so another part of me wanting to get my own keyboard was because I would be able to practice on it and literally get a "feel" for it and not be thrown off by the action of the keys being different than what I'm used to. I thought maybe it was just me being picky, for lack of a better word, but is it normal to want to play on what you practice on for the way it feels? This is sort of related... When I was playing for more choirs at school, I ended up with what I believe is carpal tunnel in my right hand... My choir teacher mentioned that I was exceptionally heavy with my playing, which I can't deny... I wanted to ask if maybe the action of the keys had something to do with developing carpal tunnel, but should I be leaning more towards this being something that I need to work on in terms of how I play? Also, have you ever had any personal experience with carpal tunnel? (Kortni Wennihan, Pineville, LA, USA)

Well, to be honest I have been feeling the effects of carpal tunnel a lot the past couple of years. I am a little worried about it, so I want to find a really good specialist in Los Angeles to help me get treatment. It is a big problem for keyboard players and we need to be careful and not over do it playing hard too long. I need more information, but I hope you can get the right treatment. Do something about and don't ignore it would be my advice. Good luck to you...

Hi Brett thanks for taking the time to answer these questions - I saw you guys at the Entertainment centre in Brisbane Australia and my heart still skips a beat when I think back!! I have a few questions but they are short answers - sorry I just have always wondered these things - In your opinion:

1. Who gets the most nervous before walking on stage?

2. Who in the band is the funniest?

3. Who is the most serious?

4. What is the feeling you get before walking onstage when you hear the crowd roaring?

5. Is their any particular ritual you all do immediately before walking out on stage?

Thanks again for you time. (Mandy, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Mandy,

1. Stevie definitely gets the worst case of the nerves before a show, followed by Mick with his pacing back and forth backstage.

2. Mick is the funniest, but all of them are really funny in their own way.

3. Lindsey is probably the most serious.

4. I always feel a huge rush of excitement right as we are walking onstage. It is an incredible feeling and a hard one to describe. It's just a big rush.

5. We have a couple of rituals before we go on. Mick always goes to everyone to what he calls "grease up" which is usually a shaking of the hand or rubbing of forearms. Lindsey comes up to everyone and puts an arm out, and in an intense voice yells, "grease!" and each of us rub forearms in a sawing motion. It's pretty funny but it's a ritual. Good day on ya down there.

What inspired you to start playing? (Geri, Cleveland, OH, USA)

Inspiration came early. My mom bought a piano for our house when I was about six years old. I think I was in the first grade. She could play a little and I loved listening to her play her favorite songs. My grandparents also had an upright piano and an organ in their farmhouse on the western plains of Kansas, where I spent all of my holidays and summer vacations. I was always drawn to the keyboards and I somehow connected with the piano early on. I took piano lessons for about eight years, and then got into the radio and rock and roll as teenagers do. I fell in love with the "surf sound" The Beach Boys etc. but I didn't really get into it fully until I heard The Beatles. Everything changed after that. I got a guitar and started playing and soon after that I got an electronic organ called a Farfisa. I'm still inspired every night with this band. I love it!

Hey Brett!! Thanks for taking the time to do this. My Question(s)are what is John McVie like? Does he still drink? Do any of the band members still smoke? Any what are the chances of Fleetwood Mac Touring again? I just saw the Cleveland show on June 13....I had to drive from Pittsburgh because of our show being cancelled ( what happened there??? lol ) You guys really help make the concert sound so good. ( You guys being, Neale, Carlos, Steve, Taku, Sharon and Jana) Thanks in advance. (Jonathon Voye, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

John has been sober for over a year now. We are all very proud of him and he is doing great. None of the four Macs smoke, although I must confess I do have a cig late in the day or when I get stressed. Everyone is fairly health-conscious these days, which is a good thing.

BRETT, I saw you last night. I think I'm a day late for the cut off for questions, but I hope that's okay, since I was away in Ohio to see Fleetwood Mac..LOL!

My question is about what you and the band do on your off time while on tour. Does the entourage stay together? My husband is convinced that everyone goes home between shows and is flown in just to play. And it was actually funny because while we were "tailgating", a couple of helicopters flew overhead and he insisted that was the band. Are there still tour buses? Does everyone fly? Do you actually stay in hotels or does everyone fly in just for the show? And what's the day of the show like? Does everyone hang out together? And at the end of the day, when does everyone "crash"? It must take a while to unwind after something like that. So really, about being on tour, what's it like. I know this is your Q & A, and when you were introduced last night, I thought, wow, there he is, but I'm a Lindsey fan, so maybe you could throw some Lindsey details in. The show was awesome last night! (Sharon Lesakowski, Buffalo, New York, USA)

I went into the traveling part in an earlier question but I'll give you a summary again...

The band entourage travels together in a private chartered jet. It is a big 737 jet with about 25 people traveling with us. They are: management, tour management, security, hair and make up, wardrobe, vocal coach and accountant, the four principles each have an assistant and we have a full flight crew. We stay for the most part in the same hotels and our travel days and schedules are all arranged way in advance. We do hang out on the plane after shows; it's a lot of fun on that plane except for when everyone gets tired. Those overseas flights can be brutal.

There are about another 50 crew people that are with the tour that travel separately in buses and stay in separate hotels. It is quite an operation and the tour managers have their hands full looking after everything.

Lindsey tidbit huh? OK, he always has a nice limo to the gig, plane and hotel.... Glad you liked the show in Ohio, The thunderstorms was fantastic!

Hi Brett-- Thanks so much for taking time out from your schedule, to do this. I'm happy to say that I received my copy of the 'Live In Boston' DVD set today. This was the first time I've had a chance to see one of the shows from this tour, and I was blown away. What an amazing time everyone must be having... both the band, and the fans who are attending the shows. And you're doing a terrific job of filling Christine's shoes in the keyboards department... you're staying true to her original keyboard parts, but your own personal style of playing also shines through.

Anyway, I was wondering if you have any tidbits or anecdotes to share from the 'Soundstage' filming? An "insider's account," so to speak. Thanks, and take good care! (Johnny Stew, Beaver County, PA, USA)

Thank you for the kind words. I can only say that after a few days of rehearsal, the film crew just seemed to blend in. They were very professional and I'm sorry I don't have any juicy behind the scenes tid- bits for you. I haven't seen the entire new Live in Boston DVD yet. I must get a copy...

Hi Brett, my question is, do you think Stevie will finally release some of the stuff that's been floating around in bootleg form--Forest of the Black Roses, Three Birds, Mistaken Love, all classic stuff ? Thanks (Jeff, Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I really honestly don't know. The mystery of what Stevie will do next will happen when it's supposed to happen, and I, for one, look forward to it....

From the Adelsons:

This concludes the Q&A session. We wish to extend our thanks to Brett for coming back to the Penguin to do a second Q&A round with the fans-- ESPECIALLY as it was in the midst of a Fleetwood Mac tour and his life was probably hectic enough already! Continued success to you, Brett, and thanks again!

- Lis and Marty Adelson