Denver Metro Mix  

Former Fleetwood Mac legend takes the stage on Tuesday

August 10, 2011

Credit: Josh Barrett, Ignite Images

When someone like Stevie Nicks comes to Denver, the only place worthy of her classic hits to be performed is at an equally legendary venue like Red Rocks Amphitheatre. And so on Tuesday night, the two legends were joined as the former Fleetwood Mac star took to the stage, and played a set that showcased her timeless talent, at a timeless venue.

Stevie played a mix of her classic hits all the way from the 70’s to her latest album “In Your Dreams,” which, not surprisingly, appeared on Billboards charts at number six in July, and has had numerous raving revues. The weather was warm and the skies were clear to make way for a perfect night with Stevie and her fans. 

Starting things off was Michael Grimm, winner of season 5 of “America’s Got Talent.”  Grimm played a set of soul-filled songs that seemed to warm up the crowd well.

But the crowd seemed to enjoy some of Stevie’s new work as well, with songs like “Secret Love,” which is a song the Grammy winner wrote for the Fleetwood record “Rumours” but did not make the final cut for the album. Fans soaked in the voice many seemed so familiar with, as well as enjoyed a classic night on the rocks.—Josh Barrett, Special to Metromix