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Madison, Wisconsin Kohl Center  May 8, 2004

Start of the second leg of the Say You Will Tour

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Mac is Back

Written by Michele Jul 07, 2011 at 09:11 PM
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Sunday's show was as good as Saturday's. As the tour progresses, Lindsey works himself into more and more of a frenzy at the close of his solo numbers.

During "Come" he starts swinging the guitar by its neck and I fear what would happen if he lost hold of it and it flew into the audience. He's equally animated for "I'm So Afraid"'s climax. At one point he's on the ground with the guitar, on all fours, at another he tosses the guitar aside, to his right and leaves it there. As he moves center stage, gratified by the applause, panting and sweating profusely.

During "Good Dust Woman" Stevie is still playing with the phrasing of "shadows" at the end. She lets the background singers sing "running in the shadows" before she follows with her own "shadows" then finally, she just repeats "shadows" over and over before flowing into her turn. She is really in character for this song, a femme fatale, flirting with John -- or at least with his bass as she moves to him and then retreats with a spin, shading her face, then looks back at him again. After Rhiannon, as Stevie walks off the stage, she usually clasps Lindsey's hand in passing, but tonight she also does the same thing after Gypsy. Mick jumps down off the drum kit to escort Stevie from the stage and as they leave together, Stevie reaches out to touch hands with Lindsey before exiting.

For Landslide, Stevie says that she doesn't like to repeat herself by using the same dedication from the night before. So, she wants to thank the audience for their continuing support and she wants to thank all of the musical influences who hailed from London and have inspired her (and Lindsey). She wants to vary the previous dedication to say this time the song is for all the songwriters, singers, and musicians who came from London and shared their genius with the world.

For Beautiful Child Stevie says that the next song is from an album they recorded back in 1979. She kind of holds up a silencing hand and I wonder if she thinks the audience thinks she might be getting ready to sing Sara. Anyway, she says it's a song she never thought she'd sing, but after all of these years "these lovely men" let her sing the song this time.

For "Stand Back" as Lindsey is mouthing the words in the shadows, when Stevie gets to the part where one man said "take me" Lindsey points to himself. That's quite an offer there. He usually stands on the edge of the stage during the song, facing the audience, but a couple of times he makes his way back to the drumkit and faces Mick, enjoying the show that Stevie, Brett, Neale and Carlos are putting on. For "Go Your Own Way" I wonder why Lindsey still bothers disconnecting the amplifier chord to his guitar, since he ends up taking the guitar off altogether. But he still unplugs the chord first and swings it, before putting the guitar down. It seems to me that Lindsey ends "World Turning" with more of a flourish than he used to, a longer guitar riff or something. Before, I recall it ending rather promptly, but now it's prolonged with Stevie shaking her tamborine in exuberance with the closing chords.

For the band introductions, Mick says that he can't imagine life without the other three and their four lives are forever intertwined, seemingly into the horizon. When he introduces Lindsey, Lindsey comes over with an outstretched arm and Mick kisses him and as the audience claps for Lindsey, Mick says, "and a helluva guitar player I should add." As "Stephanie" is introduced as the lady of the band, Lindsey blows his customary kiss to her, but she doesn't see or respond. After John is introduced Mick adds that tonight there's someone else -- so, of course I'm thinking that he's about to bring Christine on . . . but he says that he believes that Peter Green is in the audience. The whole band cheers for Peter Green. After "Don't Stop" I'm quite relieved to see that the band is immediately setting up for "Goodbye Baby," since they didn't sing it last night (the show started earlier Sunday, so if a noise curfew caused it to be cut Saturday, they probably were able to fit it in this time, because it was still only about 10:30 p.m.). When they come back on stage, Lindsey kisses the side of Stevie's head and then her hand as they walk to the mics. After the songs end, Lindsey shakes a few hands in the audience and then goes and stands in the wings. Mick picks some presents off of the floor and gives them to Stevie. She eventually goes over and stands besides Lindsey. They both raise their fists when Mick says "The Mac is Back."
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