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Las Vegas, Nevada  Caesar's Palace May 14, 2011  (Solo Stevie tour date)

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Talented, Classy and Beautiful!!!

Written by yolanda johnson May 17, 2011 at 11:26 AM
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My Husband took me on a surprise trip to vegas this past weekend, I had no clue why until we got to Caesars palace. He took me to see my idol since forever Miss Stevie Nicks , MANY tears were shed by me when i saw i would be 3 rows front in center to her !!! The show started a 1/2 hour late as the picture slide show in the background was not working and Stevie graciously apologized for not having a background, The crowd did not care we just wanted OUR Goddess Stevie on stage!! She was in great voice and spirit, the crowd went nuts when Rhiannon started. She started the show to a standing sold out crowd to Stand Back, it was surreal to see the High Priestess herself walk out on stage truly a moment I will cherish always. The band was amazing, it was not just a concert but a true event!!!!! Loving me some Nicks baby , Now and Forever!!!!
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