This is a review of Mick's Blue Again from the Tunedin4U blogspot.


Mick Fleetwood has been around the music industry since he was 15 years old. The British born 6’6” tall icon is still making music history by going back to where he started in the late sixties, singing/drumming the blues. His current group, The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, is out the gate in  2009 with BLUE AGAIN.  His 25th studio album including 20 with the group FLEETWOOD MAC, the album earned a Grammy nomination for the Best Traditional Blues Album in 2009, presented in 2010.
Although they did not win Grammy they do have a piece of work to be proud of. The album has been out since March 2009, with DVD release date of January 2010 and has had good success, but not that of FLEETWOOD MAC.
FYI: In 2006 Mick became a US citizen and has lived in the LA area for many years. He is a recovering cocaine addict, and admits he had a powder cocaine addiction.  He has been rich, and suffered bankruptcy in spite of earning millions from his drumming career, but he’s back and in good form, celebrating his 40th year as FLEETWOOD MAC.
BLUE AGAIN, features Rick Vito on guitar and vocals, a former member of the FLEETWOOD MAC band way back when. Lenny Castellanos:  bass guitar, and back-up vocals, Mark Johnstone: keyboards, and backup vocals, and featuring Mick Fleetwood on the drums.
Some notable songs on the Album that are worth the price of a download:
“Red Hot Gal”, Rick Vito’s Stratocaster is humin’ his vocals are rockin’ in old time blues style, yet with a fresh sound with Mick’s drummin.
“Black Magic Women”, Mick’s dominant drum beats keep the rhythm going. A job well done.  This song was written by Peter Green who was the original lead vocalist of FLEETWOOD MAC. It was a single hit in 1968 in many countries by FLEETWOOD MAC,  but known in the 70’s as a Santana recording.
“Love That Burns”, nice slow love song, the band is really together on this.
“Albatross” The most interesting guitar based instrumental, composed by Peter Green. You might expect to be relaxing by the sea as you listen to this music. It is a bonus number on the album, and just too good not to have in your collection.
These are just a few, check out the website, all of the songs are on the web to test-drive. I think you will be impressed if you like blues/rock. Let’s hope we hear more from this group again, singing the blues.