From Magnet Magazine, by Kevin Friedman

 Christine McVie Christine Perfect: $4
Somewhat amazingly, Christine Perfect is Christine McVie’s real name. Before she joined Fleetwood Mac, she had a band called Chicken Shack. In 1969, in between the two bands, she recorded this album of blue-eyed soul, which sounds like a cross between Dusty Springfield and, well, Christine McVie. The finest cut, a cover of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind,” was actually recorded with Chicken Shack and features her then-soon-to-be husband/Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie. Much of this sounds like it was cut at Muscle Shoals with the MGs. Throughout, she sings in her familiar dusky alto, occasionally sounding a bit too blonde—or is it English?—for the material, but it also provides an interesting contrast between the raw soul grooves and the melodious vocals as on “No Road Is The Right Road.” “When You Say” tips tellingly toward the British folk rock of the ’60s, “For You” is a blues-rock stomper comparable to Dylan’s “Highway 61,” and “And That’s Saying A Lot” features a drum intro that’s as sample-friendly as the one on Al Green’s “I’m A Ram.” It’s a lazy shuffle that sets the song on its langorously soulful path.