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Harvey's Casino  Lake Tahoe, Nevada  August 6, 2010

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Dancing with the Goddess

Written by Kate Nelligan Aug 09, 2010 at 06:44 PM
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Helllooo everyone,
My friends and I had an amazing time in tahoe. Stevie and her band were amazing! I shook her hand and she began to dance with me while looking into my eyes. I have gotten so close to this before but this time it actually happened.You can click this link and at around 4:17 pay close attention-Im in the top hat and have a white flowy shawl on..the woman to the right of me throws her arms up to high five...and then we both DANCE estatically!!!!
Also, Im 24 so I am on the younger side of the majority of her fans. Of course my friends and I dressed up in honor of the beautiful miss nicks and Im sure she and other entertainers loved it. although the crowd seemed to be in shock when they laid their judgemental eyes on my 6'5" friend who was in full on drag with her beautiful hand made dress just for the show and a beautiful top hat with a feather. I seriously was at a loss for words...I mean we all came there to embrace the beauty of stevie and her lyrics and talents, and never once would she judge someone on their in all due respect fans of stevie please wake up and smile at the queens and fans who dress up!!! its nice to take pictures with us but when you start surrounding us like animals at the zoo it creates a distance between us all, that cannot exist in this is so much stronger...LOVE IS...anyway the show was amazing. thank you to the wonderful people who did respect my dear friend and also to the ladies who told me where to stand so that stevie could see me and shake my hand...and thank you to stevie's god daughter and her god daughters mother who were oh so kind in letting us "double up" and share their chairs when we got stuck in the wrong row! shine on everyone and take between her of the best poets and lyricists to ever grace this world we know...thank you have inspired me and in my darkest moments you have held my head up and wiped my tears....
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