There's a name to live up to.

Christine Perfect is the self-titled debut album of (you guessed it) the artist of the same name (Perfect being the maiden name of the future Christine McVie). It was released just after she left Chicken Shack but before she joined Fleetwood Mac. The Album contained the hit single "I'd Rather Go Blind" from Christine's days with Chicken Shack.

yer info:

Christine McVie (born Christine Anne Perfect on July 12, 1943 near Greenodd, Cumbria) is an English rock singer, keyboardist, and songwriter. Her primary fame came as a member of the British/American rock band Fleetwood Mac though she has also released three solo albums. McVie has a deep contralto vocal range.

Christine Anne Perfect was born in the small village of Bouth in the Lake District, but eventually grew up in the Bearwood area of Smethwick, where her father, Cyril, was a college professor and concert violinist. Christine's mother Beatrice (called Tee) was a medium, a psychic and a faith healer. Her grandfather had played the organ in Westminster Abbey. Although Christine had been introduced to the piano at age four, she didn't really take to music until she was 11. She continued taking classical music lessons until the age of 15, when her older brother, John, brought home a Fats Domino songbook which transformed her musical interest from classical music to rock n' roll. Other early influences include The Everly Brothers and The Beatles.