Two separate recordings. Each features one-half of rock's finest rhythm section. Both have the potential to soar. Both bomb.

John McVie ("Gotta Band") and Mick Fleetwood (The Zoo) have played bass and drums, respectively, for Fleetwood Mac since its inception in 1967. While that band is on hiatus, the Fleetwood and Mac portion go their own ways on these outside projects. But after listening to the two, one is likely to plead: "Get these guys back together, for goodness sakes!"

McVie's is the easier of the two to take, if only because his vocalist, Lola Thomas, can actually sing. McVie's contribution is no more than his name on the cover. He didn't write and doesn't sing lead on any of the songs, and his bass playing is nothing special. Most of the semi-bluesy, pop-rock songs waft by like so much aural wallpaper. Exceptions are sultry numbers like One More Time With Feeling, Now I Know and Shot Down by Love, in which Thomas emotes up a storm. Still, McVie's "Gotta Band" is, overall, like a diet cookie: It may contain most of the right ingredients, and it may look like the real thing, but it's definitely missing pizzazz.