Salt Lake City Daily Herald 

Listen to Stevie Nicks explain how she convinced her Fleetwood Mac bandmates to title their current concert trek "Unleashed."

"Unleashed to me meant unleashing the furies, unleashing us back into the universe," Nicks told a national teleconference of newspaper reporters earlier this year. "Unleashed to me was an edgy term of throwing this amazing musical entity back into the world that we had been away from for four years. ... I never looked at it ... as being leashed. I looked at it as unleashing a fury which is what Fleetwood Mac is a lot of the time. It is one of the world's greatest furies, in my opinion. And that was my idea. Fleetwood Mac 'Unleashed' just meant Fleetwood Mac thrown down to the universe."

Will concert-goers -- including those Wednesday at EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City -- be able to handle this fury?

"It's heavy," Nicks said. "You might have to wear your armor."