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Los Angeles, California  Staples Center  May 28, 2009

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How We Do it in L.A.

Written by Michelej1 Jun 01, 2009 at 03:04 PM
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Show was great. I think I liked the Anaheim show best, but that could be just because it was the first time I'd seen them in awhile.

Saw a couple of luminaries in the audience: Kelsey Grammar and our own Carlos Rios!

For Gypsy, Stevie said that they lunched with Santana and that the whole San Francisco scene was just as electric as you can imagine and just as romantic as you can imagine. She then said, "I'm back to the floor that I loved, Lindsey's and my bed." While, she's being so pointed with that one, she might as well grab Lindsey and give us a re-enactment, right on the spot.

For Big Love, Lindsey dedicated it to Kristen, Will, Lee Lee and Stella and said they were all in the office. He said the meaning of the song is now merely an echo of what it had once been. It used to be about alienation and now it's a testament to the power of change.

Stevie dedicated Landslide to "My brother Christopher who is being very, very brave." After the book signing one of you reported that Chris was diagnosed with cancer, so Stevie was referring to that. At the song's end, after she and Lindsey played their "snow covered hill" game, she clasped her hands and bowed in his direction.

At the end of GDW when Stevie turns her back to the audience to form her silhouette, Mick points his drumstick at her, his eyes wide and bulging. Stevie moves in time with his stick. She jerks each time he points. He's her puppeteer and she doesn't freeze until he does.

There's no problem with the digital voices during World Turning this time. Lindsey's voice is heard for the "get back on the ground" part and Stevie's voice isn't forming any words. You just hear her "Ahhhhh" over and over again.

When the real, Lindsey and Stevie return to the stage, they just stand there in front of Mick and watch his drum solo continue, staring as if mesmerized, as Mick drumming gathers speed. Becoming his audience and increasing our focus on him through theirs. This is new and is not how they performed it at the last two shows I saw.

Lindsey waits long moments after the song ends, panting and catching his breath before announcing, "Miiiiiick Fleeeeeetwood."

When he rises to present the band to us, Mick mutters that he will get slim, even if it kills him and he slumps over, before saying he's just kidding.

When Mick introduces the band, he points out that Brett plays both lead guitar and rhythm guitar, concluding, "ooh, Lindsey is threatened." Lindsey adopts a scandalized expression in response.

Mick says that the guys are on their best behavior around Stevie, because she knows all of their secrets. Stevie walks up to John and gives him a menacing look, indicating that she will tell all, if put to the test.

The show really seemed to go fast tonight. I couldn't believe we were already at the end.
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