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April 20, 2009, St. Petersburg Times and Tampa 

Is Stevie Nicks dragging Fleetwood Mac's tour around? 

 Christine McVie is sitting out the current Fleetwood Mac tour, which plays the St. Pete Times Forum on Wednesday night. But from a glance at reviews, it sounds like it's Stevie Nicks who could use a few days off as well.

The Columbus Dispatch noted that in Saturday's concert, Nicks "looked half-awake. During Second Hand News she seemed to barely follow the tune's clip. During frequent trips to the dressing room she looked like she might fall off her high heels. Introducing Gypsy with a nonsensical rap, Nicks suggested that San Francisco's Summer of Love and the Velvet Underground together inspired the song. In reality, the two musical cultures were as far apart as the thousands of miles that separated their scenes."

Maybe it's just an Ohio thing. Cleveland Scene reviewed the band's April 17 show: "Lindsey Buckingham is still a tremendous presence onstage, ripping through guitar solos with the vibrant energy needed to carry Stevie Nicks’s contrived effort."

"Nicks ... sounded sluggish on many songs, more concerned with her wardrobe changes (I think there were four) than charging the audience with her voice," the Scene said. "When she wanted to, she could still deliver, hitting all the right notes on The Chain and beautifully singing an acoustic Landslide with Buckingham on guitar. But she seemed disengaged most of the time, which affected the entire performance."

Stuck in the '80s co-host and Times pop music critic Sean Daly will be at the show here in Tampa. Maybe a couple of days in the warm Florida weather will revive Nicks.