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Toronto, Ontario, Air Canada Centre, March 26, 2009

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Written by Sherri May 05, 2009 at 12:41 PM
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Fleetwood Mac; a trigger for all that was, a song for all that would be and a gift
for those who value it.

Here’s a thought we can all connect with; Could you imagine having to face an old
beau or girlfriend, everyday, twenty years after they broke your heart? Can you
imagine the world still looking at you standing together and thinking “that’s
amazing, look at them now”! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to do it.
Personally, I think broken hearts and painful memories should be left in the past,
back in the time where it happened. The only thing you should have to take with you
are the lessons you learned from the experience. For Stevie Nicks and Lindsay
Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac that’s never been the case.

Recently, Fleetwood Mac played at the Rogers Center in Toronto, ON. and wow, what an
amazing show it was. As an older, but not too old fan, I felt honored to see this
show in my lifetime. In my mind, and obviously in the minds of millions more, they
are one of the greats that seem to possess the power to bring past memories back to
life and cause goose-bumps in places most people forgot they I had.

Each wave of Stevie’s fringed arms seemed to bring a new ghost back to life. With
every note and every song a memory long forgotten dances in your imagination once
again. Smiles, faces, voices, feelings; they all drifted in front of my eyes
floating weightlessly before me, so close I thought I could reach out and touch

I may be bias in thinking that everyone thinks like me, I certainly hope they don’t,
but everyone seemed to be lost in a time warp. We all knew the songs and all chanted
them like a group of zombies filled with images from lives lived and passed.

The modern construction of the Rogers Center blended with 70’s and 80’s style
clothes and hairdo’s, while sixty year olds made out in the hallway like children on
a rebellious binge. Leather jackets, long forgotten, breathed new life on the backs
of those who once cherished them. Faces changed and swirled from 13 to 30 right
before your eyes as they lined up for a beer in the hallway. Smiles, now older,
glowed with the energy and zest for life they once possessed. We were all happy to
be here and we were blessed and thankful for this new memory.

I won’t presume to know how Stevie and Lindsay feel, where they are in their
relationship today or how it affects them, if at all, but I thank them with all of
my heart for their commitment to their music and their fans. Thanks to every member
of Fleetwood Mac for allowing us the opportunity to add one more amazing memory to
the cherished list of memories your music triggers.

Fleetwood Mac; a trigger for all that was, a song for all that would be and a gift
for those who value it.

From a lifelong fan
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Written by rob jenner Apr 20, 2009 at 04:01 AM
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We travelled all the way from Edinburgh Scotland to see 'The Mac', a long trip but worth EVERY SINGLE penny, how the band put so much energy into a 2.5 hour non stop concert is beyond me, Lindsey was on fire all night, Stevie looked and sounded as good as ever, Mick as mad as ever, and John pounding away at the back, shame Christine couldn't be persuaded to come out of retirement, we missed her voice

great to see some songs performed that I have never seen live before, Storms, Monday Morning, Sara was just sublime, and of course all our old favourires

If FM come to the UK, we WILL be there!! YOU MUST NEVER BREAK THE CHAIN
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Truly Magical

Written by Shauna Mar 27, 2009 at 04:59 PM
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Words cannot describe how amazing this concert was, my husband and I had floor seats 9 rows back and we were blown away by the entire bands energy and talent...exactly the same as it was 30 years ago! It was truly a memorable night and this music will live on forever as all generations were in the audience. There are very few true musicians and singers that can reproduce their music on stage just like you hear it on a cd. Don't miss an opportunity to see then, it's worth it!
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March 26, Toronto Show

Written by Mike P Mar 27, 2009 at 03:04 PM
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Tremendous show from start to finish. Played 2.5 hours without break. Impressive
energy from the whole band; in particular Lindsey Buckingham's guitar work. Stevie
looks and sounds great.
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